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taking a ‘dip’ in pure deliciousness!

After realizing that I had a few eggs that would be passing their peak, I decided to make a vanilla bean dipping sauce and a batch of insatiable fried dough!
The dipping sauce was simple, one cup of cream and one of milk [brought to a simmer], into the simmering liquid went a vanilla bean that I split and scraped…
In a separate bowl went four egg yolks and one-fourth cups of sugar. This was whisked until a pale yellow color. The simmering liquid mixture was then slowly added into the egg mixture while constantly whisking.
Once the mixture was incorporated, it was back onto the heat and constantly stirred until slightly thickened. Off the heat a half teaspoon of bourbon was whisked in…
The mixture was set aside to cool until it met its fluffy and golden counterparts…
Dip… bite… dip… bite… this could have went on forever!

at a low simmer…



























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rustic breakfast for dinner…

Fried eggs rested on a puddle of creamy polenta. The polenta was simple and peasanty with rustic flair. Milk, heavy cream and water simmered and the corn meal was gently rained into the warm liquid and stirred vigorously with a whisk, then over to a wooden spoon. A pinch of salt, grated pecorino and a secret sweetness was added to elevate the flavors and create something spectacular!
The fried eggs were cooked gently in a melted butter [I know butter, not normally how I roll] and breadcrumb mixture dressed lovingly with fresh thyme. Thanks to the breadcrumbs, the eggs were given a beautiful crusty aspect, while the yolks warm and runny…
Creamy, hearty and warming… it’s as simple as that!

at a low simmer…







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The waiting game…

So even though the kitchen is closed tonight, there is no way that some kind of magic couldn’t happen! I decided to prepare one of my all time favorite desserts… tiramisu. Super simple, super creamy and SUPER delicious. The only downside [not really a downside] is this a definite plan ahead dessert! You can’t make it after work and expect it to set the way it does overnight. This dessert recipe should come with a label stating… RESTRAINT required!
The ingredients: eggs [I only use extra large], sugar, mascarpone, a good strong pot of espresso mixed with some boozy stuff [I play around and bounce back and forth with different liquors], lady fingers [not the wimpy little ones you get in the bakery section, but the hearty kind] and this time I incorporated mini chocolate chips [got this idea from a recipe on saw on food network].
So I started by whisking the eggs and sugar till combined, then onto a double boiler to gently cook the egg mixture till light and fluffy! Once cooked through, the egg mixture is whipped till very creamy and thick using a standing mixer, mascarpone and chocolate chips get added and whisked in till just blended. Into the refrigerator to chill for an hour or so, then the fun begins! I take the lady fingers and start to dunk them into the espresso mixture [I recommend letting it cool so you don’t burn yourself] and start to layer them into a baking dish. Once all layered, a healthy addition of the egg mixture [cream] is spread across the top, then another layer of dunked lady fingers, another layer of the ‘cream’ and the one last layer of lady fingers and final layer of ‘cream’! Lightly covered with plastic wrap and into the fridge to take a nap and get all snug.
Now the waiting begins and the anticipation for dessert culminates… Ok ok maybe, just maybe I licked the bowl of the ‘cream’ clean… [of course that was just to make sure everything was going in the right tasty direction].
Stay tuned for pics tomorrow night after the tiramisu gets its shaving of dark chocolate and gets plated!

at a low simmer…





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where’s the toast!

So tonight instead of showing everyone what I made for dinner, I decided to mix it up and show what I made for tomorrow and this weekend’s breakfast… When I went to the market this week, I came across one of my absolute favorite fruits… the Meyer lemon. So naturally I thought to myself, you MUST buy and make Meyer lemon curd for this weekend!! I love spreading the curd onto a piece of toast or even on a slice of toasted pound cake… The Meyer lemon in my opinion has an almost tangerine-like scent and is just plain DELICIOUS! It’s not as acidic tasting as a regular lemon, but almost sweet in flavor. There are many uses for these little gems other than making curd… I love incorporating them into a cocktail, as well as adding them into savory dishes.

The recipe I use calls for five eggs, 1 1/3 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 sticks of butter [cut up], 3/4 cup of the Meyer lemon juice, a pinch of salt, as well as the zest. You incorporate all ingredients into a bowl minus the butter [that’s added in at the end] and whisk to incorporate… pour into a pan and over a medium heat and whisk until you notice the curd beginning to thicken… once thickened remove from the heat and add in the butter, two chunks at a time and continue to whisk until all is incorporated… that’s all there is to it!

***In the event you start to cook the egg, just strain the curd through a sieve to be sure it doesn’t end up in your final product***

at a low simmer…


meyer lemons, farm fresh eggs, sugar, salt and butter...

and the whisking begins!

still whisking...

finally beginning to thicken!!

off the heat... whisking in the butter...

mmmm... so luxurious!

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