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crispy, juicy and HOT!!!

Sunday suppers seem to creep upon us quicker than ever, almost as quick as summer has passed by…
Tonight, an incredible classic dish needed to make an appearance on our table… classic fried chicken! This dish was a do-ahead however.
After breaking down the chicken into manageable pieces, they were brined overnight. Today they were dipped into a buttermilk concoction and then dusted in a flavorful, spicy flour mixture.
Cooked in a fragrant herb and garlic infused oil, these previously boring beauties turned into sultry goddesses.
Once golden and crisp [and of course cooked through], a tower of divine luxury was built on a plate then decorated and spritzed with wedges of lemon.
Each crunchy bite brought back memories of childhood when my mother would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the ultimate and perhaps most intoxicating fried chicken… she taught me well!

at a low simmer…








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the only reuben i care to know…

On this chilly day, I had a craving for something toasty and hearty.
Chicken was defrosting so I decided to add a twist to one of my favorites and make the ultimate reuben sandwich, but rather than sliced turkey or corned beef I opted for grilled chicken to represent the protein. All the expected elements made an appearance, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, russian dressing (homemade!) and crunchy sourdough bread sliced just thick enough so it gets its crunch on!
Once this bad boy was stacked up it went into the press to mix and mingle. Cheese dripped and oozed from the sides, while the intensity of the sauerkraut flavor grew as it warmed…
Once done, I plated this gem and had my way with it. What can I say I don’t waste time!!!!

at a low simmer…


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