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Al fresco dining!!

Tonight was the first night of al fresco dining of the season with my honey… after a day of power washing and cleaning, it was a must to take advantage of sitting outside and enjoying the summer-like weather!
On the menu were hamburgers made from ground filet mignon and top round. The burgers were prepped no-frills in order to relish in the meaty goodness… just simple salt and pepper! A total of six minutes on an open grill with searing flames, one slice of cheddar, onion and a salsa made up of a mix of diced veg, olives, corn and black beans on a toasted bun. Dinner was close to served…
For a side, homemade pasta salad and for some salty crunch… kettle cooked chips! A light, warm breeze and dinner was ready to be savored…

at a low simmer…



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