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filled with flavor…

So I forgot that I had bought a beautiful, purply eggplant… in order to not waste this voluptuous veggie, a ricotta filled rollatini was an obvious choice for the making!
For the filling, milky ricotta, eggs, shredded mozz, freshly grated pecorino, salt, pepper and chopped parsley… Everything got a big stir and then was set aside while it waited for its big moment!
The eggplant was dusted in flour and dipped quickly in egg; out of its egg bath and it was into piping hot oil for a quick fry until browned.
Once cool enough to handle, each slice of eggplant was filled with a heavy dose of the creamy, ricotta filling and then tightly rolled. After rolling, each rollatini was gently place into a baking dish and nestled snuggly together.
To blanket these little pudgy beauties, my homemade tomato sauce and some extra [and I do mean extra] shredded mozz…
Into the oven and baked until bubbly, crispy and golden! Once out of the oven, there was no turning back and there was not a hint of guilt for the double helpings that were had…

at a low simmer…









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i’m feeling rice, rice, rice [and beans]…

Tonight on the menu was Spanish steak and onions served with rice and beans. The rice was made from a secret recipe, that I cannot share… what I can share is how absolutely incredible it was! A number of different flavors brought everything together and the outcome was, well delightful.
As for the steak and onions, I quickly pan seared the steaks that I sprinkled with adobo seasoning. Once browned, in the same pot I added onions, vinegar, olive oil, water, tomato sauce and salt to taste. When the liquid reached a boil, I reduced it to a simmer and put a lid on it and cooked until everything was tender.
This meal was filling and definitely required an appetite! Thank goodness I had just that…

at a low simmer…


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pazzo for pasta…

So tonight I made a spicy pasta sauce chock full of goodness! I started by rendering some pancetta, then added in homemade tomato sauce with a healthy ‘pinch’ of crushed red pepper. After simmering for a bit, I added one of my super secret elements… a touch of aged balsamic vinegar [I know who knew] to add some additional depth of flavor. That cooked for an additional twenty minutes to really thicken the sauce and bring all the flavors together.
While the sauce was coming down the home stretch, I boiled water to cook some perciatelli. Prepared till just al dente, the pasta was tossed and then swirled into the simmering sauce until completely coated! Freshly minced herbage for freshness and dinner was served…
Someone is the lucky recipient of leftovers for lunch!!

at a low simmer…







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Now that’s amore!

So my palate changed from Spanish cuisine to Italian as fast as the wind blows… A last minute call and dinner at our favorite resto, Amore was the place to be!
The appetizer I chose was a light as air arancini filled with a cheese, meat and peas with a side of tomato sauce. For my main, a stuffed veal chop topped with a mushroon cream sauce. Prepared milanese-style, filled with cheese and spinach with sautéed vegetables and a mashed potato on the side.
A fantastic white was the perfect accompaniment to this meal, but a double espresso with a hefty glass of sambuca was a great ending!

at a low simmer…



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Sunday dinner decision!

So after flocking to the market, the decision was made that dinner on Sunday will be a simple, yet classic ‘pasta’ with meatballs. I say ‘pasta’ because I am not a big fan of flimsy spaghetti, but prefer something with a bit more substance and the ability to hold sauce well. Then again ‘pasta’ may just be alluding to secret ingredient that perhaps nobody would have thought of, but can play the perfect role as ‘pasta’… We shall see!! The meatballs will be seasoned just right and allowed to simmer in some delightful tomato sauce. These will be the stars of the dish…
I am definitely not wishing the weekend away, but cannot wait to make some homemade tomato sauce, as well as the best meatballs around! It’s gonna be a feast and my mouth is already watering… I think I need a napkin!!

at a low simmer…

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