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a day for celebration…

Today couldn’t have been a better day… not only is it Friday and the start to a wonderful weekend, but it also happens to be ‘National Margarita Day’ [I feel like it was just recently National Margarita Day, but who cares since I sure don’t need a special day to enjoy a few!]…
So in honor of this spectacular day, what better to do than celebrate by downing a few homemade margs! That everyone, is exactly what we will all be doing tonight!
First we will start off with a traditional with fresh squeezed lime juice, another chock full of fresh raspberry that I’ll purée and then lastly one with pomegranate/blueberry.
After a quick dash to the market this morning, I picked up all the needed ingredients for our Friday night fiesta.
Good tequila is what makes a great marg, but some blue corn chips and homemade sweet/spicy pineapple salsa make you go back for more!

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tequila tuesday…

When I woke up this AM, I knew this day was going to be an exciting one for some reason… then after checking my emails and twitter feed, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that today is ‘National Tequila Day’! WOW was my rising thought ever coming true, and quicker than I could have hoped…

So in honor of this ‘holiday’, there was nothing better to do than think of the best drink idea to start off with! To be quite honest, I am a HUGE fan of a good margarita, minus the salted rim [hey it’s my own preference] and I started to recall a kick-ass concoction that I made not too long ago [also previously posted]… As luck would have it, I had ALL of the necessary ingredients to whip one up! One spicy margarita was on the horizon.

After enjoying that spicy, not to mention POTENT little guy I needed something cool and refreshing so a traditional lime margarita was up next. Nothing fancy, just some big limes that I juiced, agave nectar [or you can use simple syrup] and of course GOOD tequila. I put everything into a shaker and pour over ice. For a little something special, instead of a typical [and expected lime wheel], I created some ribbons of the zest and stirred it into the finished cocktail.

And for the finale, to go along with dinner a crisp, bubbly and electrifying blood orange margarita. Blood orange juice is mixed with tequila in a shaker and poured over ice. To bring some tingling to this drink, I added some pellegrino and stirred it right in. OK so you’re probably asking yourself, was dinner eaten yet?? NOPE, but I needed to do a taste-test to make sure it was good…

MMMM… this was a GREAT day!

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a way to spice up dad’s special day!!

What do serrano chilis, fresh cilantro, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Añejo tequila and sugar equal… a spicy herby margarita!!
After a quick muddle of the cilantro and serrano, you add some ice, the lime juice, tequila and simple syrup [homemade or store bought] and shake shake shake until everything is ice cold and well mixed!
Poured into a nice glass rimmed with some sugar and dressed with a sliver of the serrano chili, and it was bottoms-up! The serrano chili offers just the perfect amount of heat, while the cilantro brings a fresh essence against the traditional margarita flavors.
Try this instead of a bloody mary the next time you’re out for brunch…

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cinco [margaritas] de mayo…

Being that it is ‘el cinco de mayo’ what better way to celebrate than with a fantastic blood orange margarita made with all fresh ingredients! For me, I am not a huge fan of a salted rim, but instead one lined in sugar…
To make this great drink come together… freshly squeezed lime juice, Cointreau, sugar and of course superior tequila. My tequila of choice… Avion! After a quick shake, this luxurious libation gets poured lovingly over ice and topped off with a lime wedge…
Ahhhh sweet, tart and just plain perfect. Guess I better start squeezing more limes…

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hot grill… cool dinner!

Thanks to mother nature and some 70* temps today, I decided another grilling evening was necessary!
I prepped up some gorgeous rib eye steaks with just salt and a touch of olive oil. Onto a hot grill for about ten minutes [five each side] and covered to rest. The PERFECT doneness!
What best to accompany my meat?? A wilted greens salad and my fave veg… broccoli rabe!
For the salad, I tossed some radicchio into the same hot pan as some rendered bacon and raisins! The salad had a wonderful fatty and bitter essence, but sweetness from the raisin.
As for the broccoli rabe, I just prep it as usual [I don’t mess with a good thing]… Blanched, shocked and then sautéed gently with garlic, salt and crushed red… YUM!!
And what better way to wash this springtime delight down… a fresh and VERY potent margarita! Sugar rimmed, fresh lime juice, Cointreau and Avion silver tequila! How long till summer??

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Finally a day devoted to the margarita!

So I found out that today was National Margarita Day… Who Knew! So in honor of this special day, I decided what better to do than guzzle down a nice, ice cold marg minus the salted rim… I opted for a tangy, and anti-oxidant filled pomegranate version. To the table arrived a vessel that could have held two normal size drinks, but instead just one for me. The flavors took me to a tropical island [well ok really the pictures of my bff’s recent vacation helped with that] and made me think that summer is right around the corner! A hint of lime, sweetness from triple sec, tang from the pomegranate juice and a vivid burst from the tequila made this drink so special. Better brush off my marg machine and start testing new recipes for weekends spent poolside…

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