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rice and roll…

Between market runs for Thanksgiving necessities and starting our Christmas decorating, who had the time to cook! A nice evening out was just what we needed anyway… great company is what made it even more impressive and exciting!
On the menu, but more importantly on our plates was a phenomenal array of Japanese fare… sushi rolls, tempura this- teriyaki that, along with delightful desserts made the evening picture perfect.
Looking forward to our next evening out… definitely sooner, rather than later!

at a low simmer…

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far east… far out taste!!

What a better way to spend our Saturday evening, but with great friends and Asian fusion cuisine!
The restaurant was upbeat and stylish, the waitstaff friendly and very knowledgable about all the dishes on the menu.
To start things off, we all shared a number of different appetizer dishes. Cold sesame noodle salad, tempura crab cakes, fire cracker shrimp, beef satay, steamed dumplings and lastly a chicken lettuce wrap. WOW talk about options and amazing flavors.
For dinner I treated myself to my all time favorite dish, sesame chicken, but with my usual extra spicy kick! It arrived hot and crispy with just enough sweetness to offset the heat. Served with the best brown rice dish I have tasted in a long time. Not your ordinary brown rice… It’s nuttier and more rustic, a perfect paring against my dinner. Glad I took home some leftovers… now I can dream the night away knowing that my leftovers are waiting patiently till tomorrow at noon. Yum!

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impromptu chopstick lunch

I just love an impromptu lunch, especially one that entails the use of chopsticks! Tried out a sushi place that used to strictly offer Chinese food. They underwent a ‘reno’ a few months ago and what a fantastic job they did… which definitely was a reflection in their product as well! Now they offer a fusion-style menu with old classics as well.
We all started out with sharing an appetizer and then onto sushi. I am a huge fan of anything tempura and am a firm believer that if you can impress me with a shrimp tempura and sweet potato sushi roll… well then you have my business! That’s just what happened. The rolls were absolutely delicious and full of flavor. The shrimp tempura roll had cucumber and avocado, while the sweet potato roll was just a lovely sweet potato cooked perfectly. There isn’t much that needs to be done to make a great piece of sushi [other than supreme freshness] and this place has mastered perfection!

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Part one of my Asian-themed foodie day!

What a wonderful afternoon lunch I just had! Ventured out to a new place in the neighborhood to experience their sushi. Once walking through the dramatic doorway, I was transported to a modern and intimate setting. Dark luxurious woods, comfortable seating, a lengthy sushi bar [perfect for a quick bite] and best of all, an attentive waitstaff!
For lunch, I tried the shrimp tempura roll and a sweet potato roll. All I can say is WOW! Both full of flavor and crisp from the tempura, lightly dressed with a chefs made special sauce. The shrimp roll was rolled with lettuce and cucumber, while the sweet potato was perfect just on its own. I also was lucky enough to try the sesame chicken [which I was actually planning on preparing for dinner] with the brown rice that they offer, and that was a star as well!
This lunch was a fantastic element to my day and will definitely be visiting again very soon for dinner, but as always the company is what makes a meal!

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