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home cooked for hump day…

With hump day upon us, what better way to lift our spirits than with a super delicious, home cooked meal!
After a trip to my favorite specialty food market and a chat with the fish monger… turned out that he had just received a shipment of some gorgeous monkfish… so that is just what I planned my meal around.
Once home, I wrapped my succulent fish in a pancetta hug and let it chill out in the fridge until it was time to cook! No salt, no pepper… just the pancetta was needed to infuse this filet with all the flavor it needed.
To cook, a searing hot cast iron pan was lightly coated with olive oil and the fish gently placed into it and cooked for three minutes. A quick turn and then it was into the oven for ten minutes on 425… out came a perfectly cooked monkfish with crispy pancetta.
As a side to this meal, some beautifully roasted sweet potato to play against the saltiness of the pancetta.
Light and flaky, full of wondrous flavors… I definitely recommend getting your hands on monkfish [or other firm white fish] and giving this dish a whirl!

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the big day, full of big flavors!!

The last few days have been filled with preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday… numerous runs to the market, prep work of some appetizers, as well as the big important part… the turkey!
The appetizers were endless… fresh mozz and tomato, stuffed mushrooms, marinated artichokes, along with a variety of others…
The main course was equally as vast! A nineteen pound turkey that was seasoned with my special ingredients [as well as ALOT of butter], fluffy stuffing, sautéed carrots, mashed potatoes, various sweet potato dishes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower sautéed in garlic and oil, as well as quite a few more…
After a quick cleanup and resting period, it was time for dessert… where oh where was one to put these?? Homemade pumpkin pie, coconut custard, a pecan cheesecake, cakey pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs and an apple pie…
Stuffed is not a word to describe exactly how I’m feeling now, but once a year it’s acceptable and allowed!

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impromptu chopstick lunch

I just love an impromptu lunch, especially one that entails the use of chopsticks! Tried out a sushi place that used to strictly offer Chinese food. They underwent a ‘reno’ a few months ago and what a fantastic job they did… which definitely was a reflection in their product as well! Now they offer a fusion-style menu with old classics as well.
We all started out with sharing an appetizer and then onto sushi. I am a huge fan of anything tempura and am a firm believer that if you can impress me with a shrimp tempura and sweet potato sushi roll… well then you have my business! That’s just what happened. The rolls were absolutely delicious and full of flavor. The shrimp tempura roll had cucumber and avocado, while the sweet potato roll was just a lovely sweet potato cooked perfectly. There isn’t much that needs to be done to make a great piece of sushi [other than supreme freshness] and this place has mastered perfection!

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Part one of my Asian-themed foodie day!

What a wonderful afternoon lunch I just had! Ventured out to a new place in the neighborhood to experience their sushi. Once walking through the dramatic doorway, I was transported to a modern and intimate setting. Dark luxurious woods, comfortable seating, a lengthy sushi bar [perfect for a quick bite] and best of all, an attentive waitstaff!
For lunch, I tried the shrimp tempura roll and a sweet potato roll. All I can say is WOW! Both full of flavor and crisp from the tempura, lightly dressed with a chefs made special sauce. The shrimp roll was rolled with lettuce and cucumber, while the sweet potato was perfect just on its own. I also was lucky enough to try the sesame chicken [which I was actually planning on preparing for dinner] with the brown rice that they offer, and that was a star as well!
This lunch was a fantastic element to my day and will definitely be visiting again very soon for dinner, but as always the company is what makes a meal!

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Other side of the pond…

Felt like visiting my English roots tonight… what better way to do that then with fish n’ chips! Visited my favorite specialty food store this morning and picked up a gorgeous cod fillet. Came home and portioned it out and then let it hang out in my fridge until just before using. I use a pretty basic batter situation… flour, baking powder, kosher salt, a good ale and a secret bubbly [not seltzer]. Sometimes I add some cayenne for heat, but tonight I just felt like a regular beer battered fish. After a light dredge into some flour, a quick spank and then a dunk into the batter, the fish was eased lovingly into my hot oil for roughly five minutes until the batter was browned and crisp!
As a side there was homemade sweet potatoes [instead of an expected fried ‘chip’] that I sliced thin on the mandolin, tossed with oil, salt and crushed red pepper that I ground up. Baked slowly in the oven till browned and crisp! And it wouldn’t have been fish n’ chips without slaw… so creamy slaw made its way onto the plate as well.
The outcome, a crisp, hot and flaky fish, sweet and salty sweet potato ‘chips’ and a creamy, tangy slaw! Can’t wait for my next culinary adventure on the other side of the pond…

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