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A quick check-in and update…

So here it is… a BIG ole’ apology to my followers here at The-Kitchen-Guru. I felt the need to make a quick post about the recent lack of entries this past week.
I came down with a pretty nasty bug on Sunday [hence the lacking St. Patrick’s Day post and feast]. Still on the mend, I am currently on a pretty restricted diet [tastes mostly like cardboard, however I have a feeling cardboard may actually be more appealing] so hopefully everyone can understand and meet me back here in the hopefully very near future… My goal is to be back up and cooking by next week!

Thank you all again for understanding, and your continued support!

from under the covers…

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must have been the luck of the Irish…

So today we were invited to a post-St. Patrick’s Day party. I thought to myself what would be something that I could bring to the festivities… after weighing all options the idea of making a fun holiday related cake popped into mind! So with that my journey began. Vibrant green and snow white fondant, a homemade buttercream frosting, as well as a light and airy vanilla cake.
I started by making the cake in a shamrock styled cake pan! Once baked, I let it cool completely on a rack [overnight in fact]. This morning, I made my buttercream frosting… butter, confectioners sugar, milk and vanilla. Whipped that buttercream frosting until it was thick and luxurious! I began to ice the cooled cake as a layer between the cake and the fondant that was going to be molded over. After icing, into the refrigerator to quickly chill and then started to roll out my green fondant. Working quickly, I rolled the fondant on top of the cake and began the process of molding out the shape based on the grooves. Once the fondant took shape, I lined the entire cake base with a strip of the white fondant and then did little shamrock cutouts to adorn and create a finished masterpiece!
It then was into the car for the careful ride to the party! The cake was a huge success at the party and everyone loved it from decoration down to taste.
All in all, for a first time attempt at this type of baking project, I think it’s came out pretty good… hmmm what’s the next holiday??

at a low simmer…













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