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getting ‘curried’ away!!

So for tonight, something super aromatic and flavorful made its way onto our plates and into our bellies!
A curried pork dish served on top of coconut rice…
The dish started by sautéing a paste made up of ginger, garlic, onions and crushed red pepper flakes in some canola oil. Once highly fragrant, into the mix went some cubed pork loin cooked till slightly brown. As soon as the pork was browned, silky coconut milk was swirled in, along with a sachet of cardamom pods, star anise and lemongrass, then the lid placed on and a steam bath was had! After roughly forty-five minutes, the lid was removed and some brown sugar, salt, soy sauce and some shredded coconut was stirred in. This was all simmered until practically no liquid remained and the pork was as tender as could be…
As soon as everything was ready to be plated, we were just as willing to dive in with our forks! Sweet, spicy and a bit tangy… this dish had it all!

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farro[SO] yummy!

Since the weather took a turn from warm and summer-like, to a slight bit cooler it seemed fitting to make a hearty, warming meal for dinner…
After raiding my fridge and pantry, it was easy! A nutty farro dish with an Asian flavor base to it! Shredded carrots, diced onions, some minced garlic and ginger, chopped porcini mushrooms and sautéed shrimp all came together with a hint of sesame oil, a few tablespoons of soy sauce and a dash of hoisin…
The dish literally takes no time to prepare, but the incredible depth of flavor would make you think otherwise!

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rollin’ with the flavor… AGAIN!

Tonight’s dinner was a fun favorite that usually is ordered as part of take-out Chinese, but this evenings nosh was served up from scratch.
The all mighty egg-roll, the perfect mix of hearty veggies and chicken encased in a crunchy shell.
The ingredients were simple… red onion, red pepper, celery, garlic and ginger, shredded carrots and savoy cabbage, chunks of seasoned chicken and creamy sliced avocado.
After a quick sauté of the red onion, celery and red pepper, I tossed in the ginger and garlic until incorporated, then cooked the chicken alongside everything! Once cooked, I mixed in soy sauce and sesame oil to taste…
Once this fragrant combo was done, they were sealed up snuggly in egg-roll wrappers… One little bit of advice, don’t over stuff the egg-roll, otherwise you will have cracks and it won’t hold together when frying.
After a quick fry just to get that beautiful golden outside and it was time to eat!

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Some people ‘plank’, I prefer flank…

Tonight for dinner, I decided a little rain wouldn’t dampen my culinary adventure! I was in the mood for a nice flavorful piece of meat… So I marinated a flank steak in soy sauce, sesame oil, scallion and some additional flavor bumps! On the grill for eight minutes and it was perfect. Succulent and full of punch!
As a side, I thought it would be great to go out of the box… I sliced up fresh watermelon and tossed it with sliced scallions [stuck with the marinade theme], feta cheese and drizzled with a great finishing oil to pull everything together! The watermelon was sweet and juicy, the feta perfectly briny, while the scallion offered just enough bite and drove everything home…
Boy I’m stuffed!!

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Take-out at home!

So for the second part to my Asian food crave day… Spicy Sesame chicken served alongside steamed sugar snap peas!!
This was one of the easiest recipes to prepare and amazingly enough spot-on to the flavor of your favorite take-out!! Crispy, crunchy, sweet, spicy, savory, tangy… I can go on and on… I did have to put my own spin on it by adding the spicy factor!
The chicken… some beautiful and succulent breasts that were cubed up and tossed into a marinade of sesame oil, soy sauce, flour, baking powder and cornstarch.
The sauce… soy sauce, sesame oil, scallions, an uber-spicy red chili, sugar, ginger, garlic, sherry vinegar, sambal oelek [chili sauce] and chicken stock!
After frying the chicken, a quick toss into the sauce, a healthy spill of sesame seeds and I was ready to plate this bad-ass!

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the perfect skirt… STEAK that is!

Today was like a warm summer day! What better to do than toss some marinated steaks on the grill. So tonight was skirt steaks marinated in an asian style marinade… soy sauce, garlic, ginger, scallions, and my secret weapon that I want to share with everyone… a touch of molasses to bring everyone together and sweeten the deal! I think it bring a nice hit of flavor and helps caramelize the steaks….
As a side, a feta, cucumber and red onion salad that was marinated in a oil and vinegar dressing. A nice slightly acidic kick from the vinegar and smoothness from the olive oil…
This was a perfect and refreshing meal, reminding me that the real summer is just a few more months away! If anyone tries this dish I would love to hear your feedback!!

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