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green soup and ham…

Since I’m still taking it easy when it comes to food, I decided that a nice homemade split pea soup was the perfect meal.
After rinsing off some vibrant split peas, I cut up one onion and two cloves of garlic. The onion and garlic were sautéed in some olive oil until softened. Once softened, in went one quart of water, along with one quart of chicken broth, a bouillon cube and of course the stars of the dish… the split peas.
The soup was brought to a boil and then set to a simmer until the split peas began to open and thicken the soup. After tasting for seasoning, in went some cooked ham for an added smokey flavor and then it was time to plate, rather bowl up this warming goodness!
To top off this soup, homemade croutons made with some Italian bread, olive oil and a touch of sea salt.
The soup warmed us up on this chilly night, while soothing our tummies and giving us the nutrition we needed!

at a low simmer…




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a [tasty] freebie friday treat…

Today was a great day! Hot and humid, but great none-the-less… So to shake the heat, I decided to go to my favorite Starbucks that I always visit for a ‘Refreshers’ drink special they were offering free for a limited window of time. I actually am no stranger to these fantastic drinks, but rather have been grabbing one everyday for at least a week or so. My favorite is the ‘Very Berry Hibiscus’… there are floral notes to this fantastic drink and has crushed/whole blackberries throughout that give this drink that perfect tanginess. I will not lie, but I actually opted to purchase the largest available drink because it is just that good! I decided I could just go back a bit later and take advantage of the freebie… and that is just what I did. The second time around, I opted to venture out of my comfort zone and try the ‘Cool Lime’ which has a minty hint, with a soothing lime flavor. Honestly I will stick with my ‘very berry’ version going forward as I wasn’t a huge fan of the lime offering… These smart little beverages are made with a ‘green coffee extract’ which I had never heard of until getting these drinks! Shockingly there is not a single note of coffee flavor in these drinks. If you’re not a coffee lover because of the flavors, I implore you to try these drinks out and guarantee you will not be disappointed!

at a low simmer…
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