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south of the border…

So tonight was a nod to a summer favorite… guacamole! It’s been what feels like a while since I’ve made a fresh, creamy batch. Since we couldn’t [well I guess we could have] just eat a bowl of freshly made guacamole, I thought why not make a whole meal around it!
So marinated skirt steak fajitas and arroz con crema seemed to be the perfect idea… To top the fajitas, sautéed onions and peppers and fresh squeezed lime juice.
For the arroz con crema… I prepared some rice. Once the rice was done, in went two cups of heavy cream, chopped roasted poblano peppers [just tossed on the grill until charred, covered with plastic wrap and then peeled], pozole, cilantro, monterey jack and cojita cheeses. Everything was stirred until combined, melted and creamy!
To build up these skirt steak fajitas… a spoonful of the arroz con crema was spread on a tortilla, along with the sautéed onions and peppers, the grilled skirt steak, a dollop of the guacamole and a squeeze of the lime juice.
Each bite was full of so many different flavors… creamy, citrusy, sweet, savory! Guacamole thank you for an exciting meal…

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mexican flair…

Gosh I’m stuffed!! Tonight we went out for dinner and hit up one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. It is truly a hidden gem, that in recent times is becoming more and more visited.
We started off with a trio of fantastic appetizers… guacamole of course being one [I love the version they offer here], nachos [not served in the style many are used to] and an order of chicken quesadillas. Every bite was breathtaking and so eye-catching that I realized as I was stuffing my face that I forgot to get a full plate photo!! [forgive the close ups of the guac and quesadillas following]…
Onto dinner we went [I think we surprised the server when we ordered this course since the appetizers alone could have fed quite a few]… one dish was a skirt steak served in an adobo sauce, along with rice, refried beans and flour tortillas; the second dish was fried steak with onions served alongside black beans and rice…
The flavors were amazing and I honestly do not know how I was able to complete the entire dish, but then again I have never been one to back down from anything [meals included]!!

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This ain’t no ‘little black dress’…

So a dry rubbed skirt steak, sautéed haricot vert with garlic and a refreshing orange/blood orange salad tossed in olive oil with scallions were for dinner tonight…
The dry rub was easy… salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper that I grind down. Rubbed all over my lengthy, sexy skirt steak [yes I am a LOVER] and left to get it together for a loooongg time! After a while, the skirt steak had a date with a hot grill and a few minutes later… well need I say more!
The haricot vert were simply tossed with garlic and olive oil, after being steamed slightly in my french skillet. Perfect crunch and a buttery flavor, but NO butter added here!
As for the orange salad… sweet, ripe oranges, blood oranges, olive oil and some sliced scallions are all you need… ok perhaps a dash of salt to balance this bad boy out! Tossed everything in a bowl and let it meld together. It’s a winner, and so was dinner!

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the perfect skirt… STEAK that is!

Today was like a warm summer day! What better to do than toss some marinated steaks on the grill. So tonight was skirt steaks marinated in an asian style marinade… soy sauce, garlic, ginger, scallions, and my secret weapon that I want to share with everyone… a touch of molasses to bring everyone together and sweeten the deal! I think it bring a nice hit of flavor and helps caramelize the steaks….
As a side, a feta, cucumber and red onion salad that was marinated in a oil and vinegar dressing. A nice slightly acidic kick from the vinegar and smoothness from the olive oil…
This was a perfect and refreshing meal, reminding me that the real summer is just a few more months away! If anyone tries this dish I would love to hear your feedback!!

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light dinner fare…

Tonight I felt like a lighter meal and thought since there was some skirt steak leftover, what better way to use it… a big hearty salad!
I am a lover of bitter greens [radicchio, endive and arugula] in my salads because I feel they offer more in the way of flavor than just plain old iceberg or romaine, but tonight romaine was on the plate tossed with blue cheese dressing, diced tomatoes, diced roasted peppers, some chopped fresh mozz and sliced red onion. On top of this salad, sliced leftover skirt steak!
The salad was crunchy, tangy and creamy, sweet from the roasted peppers and tomatoes, and slightly zippy from the red onions.
Love the idea of a filling delicious meal that is terribly easy to prepare, but can taste like restaurant quality!

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