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under the sea…

Tonight I ventured out of my comfort zone regarding dinner… I am quite adventurous in regards to trying different [sometimes strange] dishes, but one of the areas I am skeptical to delve into is seafood [shellfish is another story]…
I have never been a huge fan, but try once in a blue moon to incorporate these savages of the sea into our meals, and today was the day!
After picking up a beautiful piece of swordfish, it was now the decision of what the hell to do with it… first things first, a seasoning of s&p on each side. While the seasoning penetrated the swordfish, I diced up an onion, fennel and minced some garlic. Once everything was softened, a can of plum tomatoes went into the pan and received quite some destruction! The sauce was coming together, but in many of my dishes some wine needed to make an appearance, along with some chicken stock. As everything started to really get to know each other, a quick taste happened, an extra dash of salt came into play and lastly some briny capers joined in the fun. The chunky sauce now was told to play the waiting game.
Now the swordfish, after sitting aside, was gently placed into a screaming hot cast iron skillet and cooked for roughly four minutes on each side. The center was becoming a beautiful white color and the exterior a gorgeous brown…
As soon as cooked through, it was time to plate and then enjoy! The swordfish was rested high atop the beautiful sauce, garnished with a sprinkle of fresh lemon juice and a hint of lemon zest.
The flavors were incredible and brought everything on the dish to life. Slightly salty from the capers, sweet from the fennel and onion, meaty from the swordfish, while a bit of zip from the fresh lemon… could we be converted?

at a low simmer…












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catch of the day!

So after a trip to the seafood counter, my menu changed a slight bit. Instead of cod, the freshest delivery was sole. The sole was a beautiful, clean white color that I knew would be perfect. I checked the sole for any possible overlooked bones and once passing approval, the oreganata topping was pressed gently over the fish. A drizzle of additional olive oil, a healthy squeeze of Meyer lemon, a drink of some white wine and the sole was placed into the oven. In about fifteen minutes, sole oreganata made its way to our plates. Accompanied by a side of carrots that were coated in a smokey and spicy sauce offered a different complexity to a dish that I would normally serve with some type of leafy green. I am already looking forward to the next seafood dish to be served!

at a low simmer…








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