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dinner on the whim…

So tonight I decided to make something that was both delicious and good for us!
In a pan, I started by browning up some organic chicken sausage that I whipped from the casing… once slightly browned they were put to the side [until they were needed for later] and then with oils from the sausage, a quick speed date of minced garlic and chopped sun dried tomatoes occurred! It quickly turned out that these frisky guys were looking for an extra addition to their evening… so in went some buttery, plump cannellini beans! As soon as everyone got to know each other, a dash of crisp white wine helped loosen everyone up and let their hair down… an addition of a little chicken stock came to the party and everyone simmered away…
While the trio was melding together, some lonely whole wheat penne took a bath in some super salty boiling water, and then got a wink from the threesome to join them for some tossing around! After a quick stir, some parsley joined in and offered up its fresh self and dinner was served…
Creamy, buttery, vibrant and luxuriously flavorful… this was the perfect meal for any night of the week!

at a low simmer…


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dinner was [soup]erb!

With a wickedly bone chilling day to deal with, it seemed only appropriate to crank out a hearty pot of soup for dinner! Something to warm up the soul and fill up our bellies couldn’t be made quick enough…
I started by chopping up an onion, mincing some garlic and slicing some carrots. The veggies all were sautéed in a heavy pot with some olive oil until softened and the house smelled amazing. After sautéing the veggies, in went some sliced smoked turkey sausage until cooked through. Once the veggies and sausage were ready, in went the dried split peas, homemade chicken stock and water. A quick stir, then the lid went on and the soup simmered until completely cooked. To top off this luxurious soup… homemade croutons.
The first spoonful instantly warmed us up and made us forget the chilly, deep freeze that was rolling through our town!

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it’s a bit ‘chili’ in here…

So tonight I wanted something warm and hearty… something I don’t often venture into making… chili! This was not going to be a typical beef chili, but something with a slight edge to it.
I knew I had everything to whip up this stew-like concoction, so the mission began. I started by browning off hot and sweet bulk sausage. Once browned and gorgeous, into the pot went two spanish onions that I diced up. As soon as the onions became soft and a bit caramelized, in went a few cloves of garlic that I minced, along with some spicy green chilis! These all cooked together for a few minutes until the flavors started to marry.
After everyone was getting to know each other, in went cumin, ancho chili powder, cayenne pepper and salt [these are all to taste so go crazy or be gentle]… a quick stir to mix the spices and then one large can of crushed tomatoes and one large can of San Marzano tomatoes [these were puréed before I added them]. Another quick stir and as soon as the chili began to boil, then I dropped the heat to a simmer and put the lid on the pot. I let the chili cook for thirty-five minutes [twenty-five minutes into cooking I added a can of black beans…] Once cooking was finished, off the heat went in some chopped cilantro.
To plate up [or should I say bowl] this meal… some light and crisp tortillas, crème fraiche and extra sharp cheddar.
The flavors were intense… spicy, sweet, lemony and a touch acidic! This time two bowlfuls did just not satisfy…

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dishing it up!

So tonight I decided on a simple pasta dish for dinner…
To start this delightful meal, I sautéed some beautiful chicken sausages until nicely browned. Once these were cooked, I pulled them aside and in the same pan heated some olive oil, along with chopped garlic and crushed red pepper. After everything became fragrant, I added in a can of chickpeas that I had smashed up… this mixture simmered for a few minutes and then the sausage was added back in!
For the finale, I tossed this creamy concoction with some beautiful ribbed pasta and finished everything off with freshly grated pecorino and chopped parsley!
The flavors were fresh and vibrant, a touch spicy, but absolutely popping!
The only sad part would be that this left not much for leftovers… guess it will be a pb&j for my lunch tomorrow [not that I’m complaining]…

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sausage and peppers… Oh my!

Tonight I decided that I could go for a really good sandwich stuffed fully with sausage and peppers! Like the kind you got growing up as a child on the boardwalks or even those from the local carnival or fairs when they blew into town. Those greasy, yummy sausages overloaded with peppers and onions on a gorgeous long hoagie roll! So no time was wasted in prepping up everything to create just what my tummy craved…
I sliced vibrant red peppers, chopped up some onions and sautéed sautéed sautéed… then I tossed some juicy fat Italian sausages right onto the grill to get a nice smokey flavor and threw them in with the peppers and onions to marry all the flavors. This was one marriage destined for greatness!
I piled everything a beautiful long Italian roll and shoved that badass sandwich into my mouth. Juicy, sweet and zesty! If I had a big enough stomach, there would have been seconds had…

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that’s my kinda [fun]gi…

So I’ll be making one of my favorite appetizers for a graduation party this coming Sunday… stuffed portobello mushrooms!
Super simple, but full of delicious things. I start by browning sausage that I whip out of the casing, sauté some onions and garlic, add some herbs, breadcrumbs, eggs and freshly grated pecorino romano. I also add some heat to mine for that extra little pop.
These little disks are baked off till cooked through, cut into bite-sized pieces and served.
Wow all this talking, err writing is making me want one now!! Stay tuned for pictures.

at a low simmer…

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small bites… BIG flavors!

Usually, as you have seen in the past, when I make a pizza it’s on the large side. Tonight I decided to change it up a bit and create three ‘tapas’ style pizzas! One had to be a traditional margherita pie, the other would be oil, garlic, sliced tomato and shredded fontina, and the last… well that would be the amped up [and star] pie dressed with homemade balsamic onions, sautéed bulk sausage and shredded aged manchego!
Each pie offered up distinct flavors, but the balsamic onion pie was like none I have ever experienced… slightly acidic, with syrupy and sweet notes, a touch of gaminess from the manchego and herby from the sausage! Perhaps I should have made regular size pies afterall…

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spicy… just like me!

Tonight was a throw things together kinda night… so some onions, yukon gold potatoes, hot cherry peppers [of course in their tangy, yummy, vinegary juices], chicken sausage and chicken breast made one hell of a meal!
Started by sautéing an onion and diced potatoes with crushed red pepper, then I added the sausage and cooked till a bit browned, next the chicken and a bit of wine to help make everyone smile! A few guzzles of chicken stock and a stir we were in business! I put a lid on it and after simmering for a bit, added the cherry peppers and some juice for extra heat and flavor! The final dish was tangy, vinegary and spicy, and completely delicious…
If I wasn’t trying to curb the amount of carbs we are intaking, some crusty bread for sopping would have been VERY welcomed! Maybe next time…

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sausage round-up

After a long day, I decided on tossing a spiral sausage onto the grill! Stuffed with parsley and cheese I could hardly wait. As a side, roasted yukon gold potatoes [my preferred tater] that I tossed with thinly sliced onions, crushed red pepper and salt.
I am a huge fan of a spiral sausage! This special detail lends itself wonderfully as an addition to numerous dishes or just perfectly on its own… Spicy, meaty and briny with that perfect and anticipated ‘snap’… I can say that I am a sausage LOVER!
Yum Yum Yum… In my Tum Tum Tum…

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grillin’ season in full effect!

What a great beginning to the weekend! Beers were at noon and margaritas by three o’clock… perhaps will be the same idea today!
For last night’s dinner [since I was on a time crunch]… grilled sausages [chicken of course] topped with relishy goodness. As a side, a healthy helping of steamed broccoli tossed with raisins for a dose of sweetness…
Since yesterday we reached the seventies and today [and tomorrow] scheduled to be in the eighties [and I’m not talking disco and freestyle] tonight will be another grillin’ night and I already have a plan for that…

at a low simmer…


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