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simple saturday supper…

So with Saturday night upon us, the question always arises… ‘What’s for dinner’. After a pretty exhausting day, and little desire to get dressed up to go out, I decided dinner would be home cooked!
A rich pasta ‘bake’ from one of my fave home cooks, Nigella Lawson… after looking through her newest cookbook, the whole wheat pasta with brussels sprouts, cheese and potato really stood out. I have made a dish like this in the past with some slightly different ingredients, but decided to give it a go…
The process is as simple, as simple can be… in one pot of boiling, super salty water the pasta, brussels sprouts and potato are cooked together. A slight amount of the pasta liquid is reserved before draining.
While the pasta is cooking, I cubed up some gruyere cheese and measured out some fresh ricotta. This lovely, creamy mixture was tossed with the drained pasta, brussels sprouts and potatoes.
After everything was coated, it was into a baking dish, drizzled with some oil, sage and a heavy hand of grated pecorino. Baked for roughly thirty minutes, then a slight resting period and it was time to eat!
The flavors all complimented one another and made me question… how could this possibly serve anymore than two??

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filled with flavor…

So I forgot that I had bought a beautiful, purply eggplant… in order to not waste this voluptuous veggie, a ricotta filled rollatini was an obvious choice for the making!
For the filling, milky ricotta, eggs, shredded mozz, freshly grated pecorino, salt, pepper and chopped parsley… Everything got a big stir and then was set aside while it waited for its big moment!
The eggplant was dusted in flour and dipped quickly in egg; out of its egg bath and it was into piping hot oil for a quick fry until browned.
Once cool enough to handle, each slice of eggplant was filled with a heavy dose of the creamy, ricotta filling and then tightly rolled. After rolling, each rollatini was gently place into a baking dish and nestled snuggly together.
To blanket these little pudgy beauties, my homemade tomato sauce and some extra [and I do mean extra] shredded mozz…
Into the oven and baked until bubbly, crispy and golden! Once out of the oven, there was no turning back and there was not a hint of guilt for the double helpings that were had…

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tonight for dinner we’re going ‘gnudi’…

Tonight I tried my hand at something different… while watching television recently, I saw a recipe for gnudi and decided it must makes an appearance on the dinner table [and of course the blog]!
Standard ingredients that always are around the house make up these light, pillowy clouds of goodness… ricotta, grated pecorino romano, panko, eggs, salt, pepper [yes I know… you can start breathing again] and for my own twist… broccoli rabe! It’s like making a meatball honestly. You mix everything together and form little balls that you can fit into your mouth [dirty dirty minds]. Cooking is reminiscent of making ravioli… you drop these little guys into super salty boiling water and once they float to the top, they are done!
As for a sauce, you can use a homemade tomato sauce, maybe even a burned butter and caper sauce? Well I prepared the recipe version, but with my thumbprint. Instead of a regular mushroom purée, I added some heat to mine and did a spicy mushroom purée.
Everything came together wonderfully and the flavors were bursting all over! Creaminess from the ricotta, a slight bitterness from the broccoli rabe, saltiness from the cheese and an earthy goodness from the mushrooms with a great big poke from the spice. Can’t wait to make this dish again!

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a savory meat pie!

Today I prepared a dish that I grew up having. It’s an Italian Easter pie! It’s a ‘meat’ pie full of different meats and cheeses. The filling is ricotta-based and absolutely incredible!
I started off by making the crust… flour, salt, shortening [the only place I would use this], eggs and ice cold water. Prepping the dough is a breeze because I quickly work it together in the food processor! Once combined, I form it into a disk and chill it in the fridge for a bit.
While the dough was chilling, I started on the filling. Ricotta cheese, grated pecorino romano, eggs, salt, minced parsley diced mozz, a variety of diced cured Italian meats! A quick mix in a large bowl and set aside.
Once chilled I halved the dough and rolled out one portion and placed it into a springform pan, poured in the filling, covered it over with the other half of dough, brushed with an egg wash and into the oven till golden and cooked through!
Salty and creamy with a wonderful toasty crunchy crust! Perfect for a Sunday dinner or a weekday lunch!

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layers of flavors!!

So after a whirlwind weekend of get-togethers with amazing family and friends, it culminates to the best finale… Sunday night dinner! What always turns into an all day event, brings such satisfaction once in front of us on our plates.
Starting with an enormous pot of homemade tomato sauce, a creamy herbed ricotta filling, sliced fresh mozzarella and perfectly textured pasta and building ensued!
My tomato sauce is tried and true! I never venture away from a good thing. The flavors are everything you would expect from perfection. The filling had a freshness thanks to the herbs, milkiness from the creamy ricotta and tang from a secret weapon!
After layering everything in a glass baking dish, into the oven for forty-five minutes and out came a piping hot vision! I let the lasagna rest and set up a bit, and then the moment had come to slice into this bad-boy.
Layer upon layer of cheesy, creamy goodness, a tiny addition of tomato sauce underneath the plated pasta and dinner was served… Pure delight!

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