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‘Q’ is for quiche…

With the continued cold temperatures and brisk wind in the air, I decided tonight I would make one of my all time comfort foods… Quiche.
The beauty when making a quiche is you can’t really get it wrong, just add some of your favorite ingredients and you have yourself one hell of a ‘pie’!
To create my heavenly ‘pie’ I started by rendering pancetta until crispy, once done I sautéed a diced onion, followed by chopped green peppers in the rendered fat with these crispy pancetta critters. Once this three-way came together, I added small chunks of split breast chicken that I roasted earlier…
These darlings then were eased into a pie crust and topped with a blend of shredded monterey jack and extra sharp cheddar cheeses. Then a mix of five extra large eggs, a cup and a half milk, along with salt and crushed red pepper were poured over the cheese and chicken mixture…
This ‘pie’ was now ready for a 375 degree oven. The timer was set for forty-five minutes and it was the waiting game for this amazing ‘pie’ to make its appearance! Once cooked and slightly cooled I sliced a hearty piece and quietly savored every bite.
Deliciously simple and simply delicious is all I can say about this classic comfort food…

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a true Italian classic…

So since today was such a cold and snowy day, I decided that something with a bit of spice was perfect for dinner! Originally I had other dining ideas, but figured that can be done tomorrow… To warm us up this evening, I made some luxurious bucatini amatriciana!
I started by rendering some pancetta, once crisp they hung out on the side… then in the same pot and using the pancetta fat, it was time to sauté onions and a healthy handful of crushed red pepper. After the onions became translucent, into the pot went a can of San Marzano tomatoes that I passed through the food mill, along with a can of tomato purée. After seasoning appropriately, back in went the rendered pancetta and I let the sauce simmer down a bit…
While simmering, I threw some bucatini into boiling, salted water and cooked till al dente. As soon as the pasta was just right, into the pot of sauce it went for a vigorous spin to coat perfectly, finished off with freshly grated pecorino and then it was to the island to devour!!
Spicy from the crushed red pepper, salty from the pancetta and all around delicious… I love recreating these classic restaurant dishes when dining out during the week isn’t an option!

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this dinner just ‘quacks’ me up!

Tonight I was in the mood for something fatty and delicious! A beautiful duck breast was just what would satiate that crave. Many people I talk to appear very intimidated when it comes to making duck breast, and for the life of me can’t understand why. It is extremely easy to prepare and the outcome… well there are too many words to describe!
I started off by scoring my big, meaty duck breast through its fat cap. Once scored, I added salt and let it chill for a bit. After a while, into a lightly oiled [maybe one tablespoon] pan skin side down and on the lowest flame setting. This rendered the fat from the cap and created a gorgeous brown crispy skin [not to mention an abundance of duck fat that I store and use in other cooking preparations]. Onto the meaty side to brown and then its was into the oven for eight to ten minutes to cook to perfection! A few minutes more of relaxing and this juicy baby was sliced.
To cut through the fatty goodness, a butternut squash relish. Diced red onion [or shallot], garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, mustard powder and seed, dried pomegranate cranberry, chicken stock [or water if you don’t have] and the star of this zippy side… diced butternut squash. I started by sautéing the onion, garlic and red pepper, then added the remaining ingredients, covered and cooked till soft, but not mushy. To finish this off, I added a lovely, fragrant and might I add uber-SPICY chili oil!
The crispy, browned and flavorful skin, succulent and slightly gamy meat played beautifully with the relish that poked the back of our throats with just the perfect heat.
Can’t wait for this dish again!!

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