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a side dish that stole the show!!

I’m cuckoo for couscous, so tonight as a side dish I made Israeli couscous mixed with red, green and yellow peppers.
Hearty, homey and best of all easy to prepare; these little beads take on the flavor of almost everything you incorporate with it. So, I started by sautéing the peppers in a tiny amount of olive oil, then added some hot chicken stock and the little pearls of goodness. Brought everything to a boil, reduced to a simmer and covered until the little balls swelled up and turned into some really big, plump balls! Stirring occasionally, and before I knew it, I was shoveling those yummy orbs of delight into my mouth…

at a low simmer…





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light Italian fare…

To kick off the holiday weekend, we celebrated with a great bottle of wine and a full-on Italian dinner at one of our favorite restos!!
I decided on a golden, pan-fried chicken cutlet topped with peppery baby arugula, sweet chopped tomatoes and red peppers, along with milky diced fresh mozz.
The flavors all married together beautifully and made me wish I had a big enough belly to finish off the entire plate, but the good thing is the leftovers will make for an exceptional lunch…

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Breakfast and lunch… brunch, but what about for dinner?? I know… YUM

Sometimes all you need is a little [ok BIG] breakfast for dinner!
Yukon gold hash browns [grated] tossed with onion, red peppers, scallions and minced fresh thyme. The whole story is sautéed in duck fat [yes that’s right]… rich and full of fatty flavor! I love getting the potatoes crunchy and browned. Really brings out the flavors. This is one for the records!
Maple brushed bacon… slowly cooked till crisp and golden. The sweetness and smokiness compliment each other perfectly.
The stars of the meal… farm fresh eggs prepared two ways. Omelet and sunny-side up, both seasoned with just a dash of salt and pepper!
Absolutely divine and dripping with goodness! Makes me want breakfast all the time…

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sausage + peppers + a grill = YUM

Since today was another warm day, I thought best to make use of the grill. This time no steaks, burgs or chicken, but rather chicken sausage and peppers! Typically something that would be a range top dish, this time it was all about the grill…
I threw some chicken sausages into a pan on the grill and cooked through. While grilling the sausages, I sliced up some red peppers, a spanish onion and minced a few garlic cloves. Once the sausages were cooked, I put the other stars of the sausage and peppers dish in another pan and onto the grill stirring frequently until everything softened. I then sliced the sausages and added them into the pepper, onions and garlic; cooked until everything was heated through!
I toasted some wonderful focaccia loafs as a vessel to hold the sausage and peppers! What a simple, yet full of flavor dish!

at a low simmer…


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