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slowly getting back into gear…

After an absolutely exhausting week following the storm, tonight I’m finally cooking up a real meal! Luckily, since we have a generator, I was able to move one whole refrigerator and freezer worth of food to my backup in the basement when we lost power last week.
So for our first Sunday dinner since the storm hit, we are having filet mignon across a dressed up radicchio salad. Yes it might seem minimal, but this past week, and weekend has been extremely tiring… I could only muster up the strength to prepare a light dish. As I always say though, simple can always be delicious!
Served with a beautiful, crisp Sauvignon Blanc and we were in business. Hopefully I will be able to get to the market and do a serious run there and pick up fresh veggies, herbs, etc this coming week! For now I hope you still are inspired by and enjoy what you see…

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Soggy outside, but a crispy dinner inside…

Today was a gloomy, wet day which lingered into the evening… to perk everything up a home cooked meal was the perfect remedy!
Boneless, crispy skin-on chicken breast served on a bed of wilted radicchio salad that was tossed with applewood smoked bacon.
I seasoned the chicken with just salt and seared them in an smoking hot cast iron skillet to crisp up the skin. Into the oven to complete the cooking process and it was time to move on to the wilted radicchio salad…
The radicchio was sliced up and tossed around in a pan of the rendered bacon fat until just wilted, but still had a slight bite to it.
The chicken was crispy on the outside; moist and flavorful on the inside, while the wilted radicchio salad was slightly bitter and had a hint of saltiness and smokiness from the bacon…
This dinner shed a bright light on an otherwise dark and soggy day!!

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lickin’ my chops…

Lamb chops, sautéed spicy eggplant and a radicchio salad topped with shattered Parmesan crisps… YUP that was dinner!
The lamb chops were marinated overnight in garlic, lemon zest/juice, crushed red pepper and minced rosemary. They were tossed onto the indoor grill thanks to the rumbling of thunder and bolts of lightning fluttering in the air. Still perfectly cooked and absolutely delightful, succulent and full of flavor!
For the eggplant… they were diced and then sautéed in garlic, olive oil and rosemary. This brought out the sweet flavors and helped make the eggplant extra special…
The radicchio helped cleanse off our palates and offer a lovely balance between the rich lamb and slight bite from the eggplant.
What a wonderful meal to start of the week!!

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light and delicious!!

To take a healthier approach to dinner, after a weekend of devouring everything in sight, I decided on grilled chicken marinated in garlic and olive oil. I sliced and rested the chicken on a bed of bitter radicchio, tossed with sliced olives, garbanzo beans, shaved provolone and homemade croutons. Simple, yet healthy and very filling!

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The kinda ‘blue’ I like…

So after a long, but beautiful day spent out galavanting and antiquing the decision of dinner of course reared it’s head our way… Do we go out or sear something up on the grill?? Well the thought of going back out was not on my list of wants, but neither was take-out… An easy decision was burgers that I had prepped and froze earlier using meat I purchased from LaFrieda meats!
Onto the grill and cooked till the perfect doneness, topped with some chunky picante blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon and rested lovingly onto a vibrant and bitter radicchio leaf… ahhhh that hit the spot! To accompany this delightful burger, kettle cooked chips and an ice cold beer… I can taste summer already!

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hot grill… cool dinner!

Thanks to mother nature and some 70* temps today, I decided another grilling evening was necessary!
I prepped up some gorgeous rib eye steaks with just salt and a touch of olive oil. Onto a hot grill for about ten minutes [five each side] and covered to rest. The PERFECT doneness!
What best to accompany my meat?? A wilted greens salad and my fave veg… broccoli rabe!
For the salad, I tossed some radicchio into the same hot pan as some rendered bacon and raisins! The salad had a wonderful fatty and bitter essence, but sweetness from the raisin.
As for the broccoli rabe, I just prep it as usual [I don’t mess with a good thing]… Blanched, shocked and then sautéed gently with garlic, salt and crushed red… YUM!!
And what better way to wash this springtime delight down… a fresh and VERY potent margarita! Sugar rimmed, fresh lime juice, Cointreau and Avion silver tequila! How long till summer??

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light dinner fare…

Tonight I felt like a lighter meal and thought since there was some skirt steak leftover, what better way to use it… a big hearty salad!
I am a lover of bitter greens [radicchio, endive and arugula] in my salads because I feel they offer more in the way of flavor than just plain old iceberg or romaine, but tonight romaine was on the plate tossed with blue cheese dressing, diced tomatoes, diced roasted peppers, some chopped fresh mozz and sliced red onion. On top of this salad, sliced leftover skirt steak!
The salad was crunchy, tangy and creamy, sweet from the roasted peppers and tomatoes, and slightly zippy from the red onions.
Love the idea of a filling delicious meal that is terribly easy to prepare, but can taste like restaurant quality!

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