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smells like a sausage and pepper stand here!

Following a trip to the market for some of life’s essentials, I ripped into the produce aisle, as well as the meat department…
While at the meat counter, I picked up some well-endowed chicken sausages… thinking to myself chicken sausage with peppers and onions would be a great Monday night meal! From the meat department, I made a dash to produce and looked for the perfect peppers to pair this meal up with, and decided on some beautiful cubanelle peppers.
As soon as I made my way back home, it was prep time; slicing up an onion and the peppers, and mincing up some garlic. The prep-work was now complete and it was time to toss the chicken sausages into the sauté pan to get browned, crusty and even more delicious! Once browned, the chicken sausages were set aside, while the veg were added into the pan and cooked in all the lovely crispy bits leftover from the chicken sausages until fragrant and softened! For even more flavor bumps, a healthy dash of white wine and some salt got to play a part in this whole production…
As soon as the wine was reduced, the chicken sausages were added back into the mix with all the flavors and before we knew it, it was time to eat!
Couldn’t decide whether to pile everything high in between some freshly baked bread or just dig in from the plate, but the bread obviously won our hearts!

at a low simmer…







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a co-op… minus the board!

Finally it’s the weekend, and what a great weekend it should be! Tomorrow there is a great food co-op that I heard about when visiting that indoor farmers market last Sunday. My goal is to make it there tomorrow to check out, as well as show my support. The co-op offers a number of enticing products with a prime focus on local items/vendors. The list seems endless and includes local varieties of honey, artisanal cheeses, fresh farm eggs, grass-fed meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables to name a few! Also from what I understand, this weekend is going to have a great deal of additional vendors participating which should be wonderful. It would be incredible to be able to come home with a bounty of meats, cheeses and veg that I can create amazing dishes with during the coming week! Fingers are crossed that this co-op will lend itself to providing just that, but regardless I am excited to hopefully just take a trip there and be a part of it! If I do make it there tomorrow, be prepared for a full report…

at a low simmer…


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