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a raving roast!!

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, I decided it best to get my oven related cooking out of the way since soon enough I will be doing less of it…
So to satisfy this method, I thought a succulent roast beef served on top of creamy, garlicky yukon gold mash! This luxurious dish began with a heavy salt of the roast and a quick roll in some flour. A light spanking of my meat to remove the excess flour and it was into a searing hot cast iron pot with some olive oil to brown!
Once browned, my hunk of meat was set aside while I tossed in sliced onions and baby portobello mushrooms to sweat down and gather all of that salty, meaty flavor…
The meat was returned to the pot and was given a heavy drink of pinot noir, along with a quart of chicken stock, a bundle of thyme and two bay leaves… As soon as everything came to a boil, the lid was popped on and the pot shot into a 325 degree oven for a long nap [three hours to be precise]… The end result… a buttery, fork tender roast in a seductive sauce!
Who knows perhaps this will be made again during the summer months; it’s just that good!

at a low simmer…









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Who needs Vegas, when you have the NY Strip [steak that is]…

Tonight I was in the mood for a big piece of meaty goodness… what better way to satiate that craving than with a hefty NY Strip! To go along with these beauties… garlicky broccoli rabe…
So prepping the steaks was simple… salt and pepper; yes that’s it! Then a chance to come to a perfect room temp and then it was time to cook these sexy little beasts up…
After a toss on a searing hot grill pan just until medium and it was time dig right in…
The steaks were juicy and full of flavor, while the broccoli rabe cut through and offered a wonderful balance to these hefty bad boys! To wash it all down… a velvety Pinot Noir.
This dish truly came together beautifully!

at a low simmer…


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it’s great dirty, dry and even fruity…

After a visit to the local wine emporium close to my home, I walked out with everything but wine. My mission today was not for a crisp Albariño, deep Pinot Noir or sultry Sancerre, but rather something to make a great martini with! After perusing the vast wall of potential libations, I came across a vodka that I had years ago, but could never find locally… Fig vodka. The decision was made, a fig martini it would be. I quickly raced home to try my hand at this fun little cocktail [it was after five… somewhere] and the flavors were sweet and refreshing and made me think this was worth the purchase! Stay tuned though for a revisit to the wine store in a future post… I will detail my favorites and give some background on them.

at a low simmer…


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