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smells like a sausage and pepper stand here!

Following a trip to the market for some of life’s essentials, I ripped into the produce aisle, as well as the meat department…
While at the meat counter, I picked up some well-endowed chicken sausages… thinking to myself chicken sausage with peppers and onions would be a great Monday night meal! From the meat department, I made a dash to produce and looked for the perfect peppers to pair this meal up with, and decided on some beautiful cubanelle peppers.
As soon as I made my way back home, it was prep time; slicing up an onion and the peppers, and mincing up some garlic. The prep-work was now complete and it was time to toss the chicken sausages into the sauté pan to get browned, crusty and even more delicious! Once browned, the chicken sausages were set aside, while the veg were added into the pan and cooked in all the lovely crispy bits leftover from the chicken sausages until fragrant and softened! For even more flavor bumps, a healthy dash of white wine and some salt got to play a part in this whole production…
As soon as the wine was reduced, the chicken sausages were added back into the mix with all the flavors and before we knew it, it was time to eat!
Couldn’t decide whether to pile everything high in between some freshly baked bread or just dig in from the plate, but the bread obviously won our hearts!

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south of the border…

So tonight was a nod to a summer favorite… guacamole! It’s been what feels like a while since I’ve made a fresh, creamy batch. Since we couldn’t [well I guess we could have] just eat a bowl of freshly made guacamole, I thought why not make a whole meal around it!
So marinated skirt steak fajitas and arroz con crema seemed to be the perfect idea… To top the fajitas, sautéed onions and peppers and fresh squeezed lime juice.
For the arroz con crema… I prepared some rice. Once the rice was done, in went two cups of heavy cream, chopped roasted poblano peppers [just tossed on the grill until charred, covered with plastic wrap and then peeled], pozole, cilantro, monterey jack and cojita cheeses. Everything was stirred until combined, melted and creamy!
To build up these skirt steak fajitas… a spoonful of the arroz con crema was spread on a tortilla, along with the sautéed onions and peppers, the grilled skirt steak, a dollop of the guacamole and a squeeze of the lime juice.
Each bite was full of so many different flavors… creamy, citrusy, sweet, savory! Guacamole thank you for an exciting meal…

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a side dish that stole the show!!

I’m cuckoo for couscous, so tonight as a side dish I made Israeli couscous mixed with red, green and yellow peppers.
Hearty, homey and best of all easy to prepare; these little beads take on the flavor of almost everything you incorporate with it. So, I started by sautéing the peppers in a tiny amount of olive oil, then added some hot chicken stock and the little pearls of goodness. Brought everything to a boil, reduced to a simmer and covered until the little balls swelled up and turned into some really big, plump balls! Stirring occasionally, and before I knew it, I was shoveling those yummy orbs of delight into my mouth…

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sausage and peppers… Oh my!

Tonight I decided that I could go for a really good sandwich stuffed fully with sausage and peppers! Like the kind you got growing up as a child on the boardwalks or even those from the local carnival or fairs when they blew into town. Those greasy, yummy sausages overloaded with peppers and onions on a gorgeous long hoagie roll! So no time was wasted in prepping up everything to create just what my tummy craved…
I sliced vibrant red peppers, chopped up some onions and sautéed sautéed sautéed… then I tossed some juicy fat Italian sausages right onto the grill to get a nice smokey flavor and threw them in with the peppers and onions to marry all the flavors. This was one marriage destined for greatness!
I piled everything a beautiful long Italian roll and shoved that badass sandwich into my mouth. Juicy, sweet and zesty! If I had a big enough stomach, there would have been seconds had…

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Spiraling out of control!!

Grilled spiral sausage with sautéed onions and peppers made its way onto our plates tonight! What was a pretty decent afternoon in terms of weather sort of dictated the idea of grilling, but as the sun started to turn in for bed the chill came back out to play… YIKES! Well I’ve grilled in colder weather so why change plans?? The smokey smell as the spiral sausage grilled away just let me know what we were in store for when it was time to dive in. The peppers and onions paired well with the parsley and cheese spiral sausage. Vibrant flavors gave the dish a wonderful edge!
As a nice refreshing and crisp side dish, I decided a fresh romaine salad tossed with sweet cherry tomatoes from the farm, finely diced red onion, diced fire roasted red peppers and cubed fresh mozz. Everything was mixed around gently in a homemade blue cheese dressing. Creamy, tangy and crunchy, as well as sweet and slightly acidic…
I just love Sunday dinner!

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