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shortcuts don’t always cut it…

So as a last hurrah to the unofficial end to summer, what better way to celebrate than with… homemade pasta! Yes I’m sure everyone thought I was going to say burgers on the grill… well that would have been the case, but unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining when it was time for making dinner. An overcast and slightly rainy afternoon pretty much nixed grilling for me this time!
Homemade pasta seemed like a nice and fun idea to do. I enjoy making pasta and just picked up a brand new pasta extruder machine from my favorite specialty kitchenware shop this past weekend. Having been the first customer to buy this product, the associates couldn’t offer much in the way of use. So it was pretty much up to me to attempt figuring this machine out and hoping it was worth picking up.
I am partial to my own pasta dough recipe, but instead followed the recipe from the machine’s booklet… the pasta kept climbing the wall of the interior bowl and unfortunately needed constant encouragement to work its way into the extruder and took way too long to expel through the disk. Also I felt there was a great deal of waste at the end of the extrusion process.
Into salty boiling water and then tossed into the cannellini bean sauce I made and it was time to eat!
I have to say… I was NOT a fan of this pasta. My personal feeling of the machine is that you do not achieve the same kneaded texture as when done by hand. Also the pasta was very ‘doughy’ tasting in my own opinion.
Needless to say a trip back to the specialty kitchenware shop is in the cards tomorrow to return this item and get something worthwhile… there is plenty to choose from so that shouldn’t be a problem…
Lesson learned… sometimes the most promising gadgets that are supposed to help simplify don’t deliver the quality and taste as a cooks best tools… two hands!!

at a low simmer…










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