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platter full of flavor…

Tonight was a small plates type of night… fresh mozz, leftover broccoli rabe, medjool dates and a briny cannellini bean purée smeared thickly on a biased slice of bread!
The cannellini purée was thick and full of texture. One can of cannellini beans [rinsed] was pulsed with Greek olives, some fresh oregano and fruity olive oil… the outcome was a creamy, slightly salty spread that paired amazingly well with a beautiful bottle of Gavi! The wine cleaned off our palates and helped prepare us for bites of everything else that was on display for the pickin’s. And pickin’ was just what we did!

at a low simmer…


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lickin’ my chops…

Lamb chops, sautéed spicy eggplant and a radicchio salad topped with shattered Parmesan crisps… YUP that was dinner!
The lamb chops were marinated overnight in garlic, lemon zest/juice, crushed red pepper and minced rosemary. They were tossed onto the indoor grill thanks to the rumbling of thunder and bolts of lightning fluttering in the air. Still perfectly cooked and absolutely delightful, succulent and full of flavor!
For the eggplant… they were diced and then sautéed in garlic, olive oil and rosemary. This brought out the sweet flavors and helped make the eggplant extra special…
The radicchio helped cleanse off our palates and offer a lovely balance between the rich lamb and slight bite from the eggplant.
What a wonderful meal to start of the week!!

at a low simmer…









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