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now that’s a ‘good egg’…

Tonight I decided what better thing to make for dinner, than breakfast. I started out by cracking a few eggs, adding some fresh thyme, salt, pepper and a dash of heavy cream. Everything got whipped together and poured into a nonstick pan with just a touch of olive oil cooking spray. I then slowly cooked the soon-to-be omelet on medium-low heat until puffed and browned, flipped it over to the other side and let that cook for a few more moments until just done. Before removing from the pan, I added some provolone cheese, folded the omelet in half and let the cheese melt. Once melted, I slowly slid the fluffy omelet onto my plate, added some homemade hash-browns and we were in business!
What a filling and satisfying dinner! Melty, gooey cheese and a fresh herbiness in the light-as-air omelet, paired beautifully with the crunchy potatoes what more could you ask for… maybe the same thing tomorrow morning??

at a low simmer…




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an [egg]cellent meal!!

Tonight was another breakfast mood… it’s once in a while that the craving hits, and what better to do than whip out something satisfying. So a five egg omelet, butcher thick-cut bacon and homemade ‘hash browns’ needed to make an appearance at this party…
A super fluffy omelet filled with shredded pepper jack cheese oozing out served alongside ‘hash browns’ made using diced onion and yukon gold potatoes…
This entire dish made me think of an early morning weekend meal, a wonderful brunch or a diner visit… So delicious!!

at a low simmer…

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Breakfast and lunch… brunch, but what about for dinner?? I know… YUM

Sometimes all you need is a little [ok BIG] breakfast for dinner!
Yukon gold hash browns [grated] tossed with onion, red peppers, scallions and minced fresh thyme. The whole story is sautéed in duck fat [yes that’s right]… rich and full of fatty flavor! I love getting the potatoes crunchy and browned. Really brings out the flavors. This is one for the records!
Maple brushed bacon… slowly cooked till crisp and golden. The sweetness and smokiness compliment each other perfectly.
The stars of the meal… farm fresh eggs prepared two ways. Omelet and sunny-side up, both seasoned with just a dash of salt and pepper!
Absolutely divine and dripping with goodness! Makes me want breakfast all the time…

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