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keep calm and c[u]rry on…

With a serious want for a wonderful Indian dish, but a lack of desire to go out for dinner on a Monday night… I decided to browse through some cookbooks and with what I had in the house, whip up a quick pork curry dish served with a coconut rice.
Green curry paste, sliced scallions and olive oil were the building blocks to what would soon be a delicious meal. After a quick sauté of the above, thinly sliced pork was tossed in and stirred around. Once the pork was no longer pink, in went some coconut milk, some shredded coconut, and water.
As soon as the whole lot was boiling, it all went down a notch, soybeans and sugar snap peas were added and it was time for a slow simmer to let everyone get to know each other.
After roughly twenty minutes, it was time to plate and surrender to this luxurious and flavor-laden dinner!

at a low simmer…





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lethal libations…

For an ending to a great Monday, I decided to have a nice [and strong] cocktail…
Since I wasn’t in Manhattan tonight, the best thing to do was to bring Manhattan to me… well in the form of a lethal, vintage libation!
Good bourbon, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters is shaken till chilled, and then a cherry is tossed in to finish off this smooth drink…
Maybe a nightly cocktail is necessary going forward!

at a low simmer…

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