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‘Muscles’ are good and all, but I prefer mine in a garlicky broth…

So after much thought this morning, I decided instead of going out for dinner I’d rather make something scrumptious at home!
What better to make than something not on my usual menu… so mussels in a spicy red sauce with garlic and wine. One word… SUPERB
It all started with a load of chopped garlic sauteed in olive oil until fragrant, then the mussels, a can of whole tomatoes [with their juices] that I crushed, salt and crushed red pepper were added and cooked for about twenty minutes uncovered. Lastly, I added some wine [drunk mussels are always fun mussels], chopped parsley and then cooked covered for another five until every last mollusk stumbled out to say hello.
The flavors were spicy, sultry and like the sea. Each bite made you yearn for more and more… I served this delicious meal with crusty bread that was brushed lightly with a homemade garlic infused olive oil that I grilled slightly. It was the perfect assistant to sop up every last bit of saucy goodness! Next time I’ll be sure to pick up two loaves…

at a low simmer…







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