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the holiday baking begins…

With the Thanksgiving holiday slowly fading in our rearview mirror, it’s time to think about holiday baking and all the joys and memories that brings. The idea of some generational family recipes could make a first time ever appearance too! Since it’s never been attempted, that would obviously mean test-running and tasting! That’s definitely not a problem in my book… Who knows, I think this weekend could be a fantastic time to play with some flour and eggs…

at a low simmer…

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crispy, juicy and HOT!!!

Sunday suppers seem to creep upon us quicker than ever, almost as quick as summer has passed by…
Tonight, an incredible classic dish needed to make an appearance on our table… classic fried chicken! This dish was a do-ahead however.
After breaking down the chicken into manageable pieces, they were brined overnight. Today they were dipped into a buttermilk concoction and then dusted in a flavorful, spicy flour mixture.
Cooked in a fragrant herb and garlic infused oil, these previously boring beauties turned into sultry goddesses.
Once golden and crisp [and of course cooked through], a tower of divine luxury was built on a plate then decorated and spritzed with wedges of lemon.
Each crunchy bite brought back memories of childhood when my mother would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the ultimate and perhaps most intoxicating fried chicken… she taught me well!

at a low simmer…








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