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tasty balls’ on a bun…

So early this morning I woke to the craving of a meatball ‘parm’ sandwich… I, not shunning a good old fashioned pizzeria, decided that I would make a beautiful pot of sauce [enough to have leftovers for other occasions] and homemade meatballs!
A trip to the market yielded everything I needed to pull this home-run together…
While the sauce simmered away, I got cranking on my balls’… and I must admit I offer up some of the best tastin’ balls around!
To bring this whole story together and serve it up, I toasted some buttery brioche buns, sliced some fresh mozz [melted this of course] and capped these bad boys and began chomping!
Needless to say, one sandwich per person was no way enough…

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some set of ‘balls’… meatballs that is!

Tonight was a small plates or tapas type of night… The main star on the menu were bite-sized lamb meatballs drizzled with olive oil. My meatballs were mixed with a variety of amazing flavors including garlic, onions, minced rosemary and of course salt! Each measured and rolled out equally, pan fried till browned and cooked through. Once cooked my little ‘balls’ got immediately plated, oiled up and it was time to eat…
The minced rosemary was the perfect compliment to cut through the lamb meat, while the garlic and onion added a lovely poke of interest.
I could have eaten every last piece, but then would have neglected my other little offerings, or maybe that was my plan all along [now there are leftovers… shhhhhh don’t tell]!!

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Small plates…HUGE flavors

So last nights rendezvous at Centro was as usual… impeccable! We started with a couple of drinks, along with some gratis tuscan olive oil and focaccia bread. We moved onto a review of the menu, and decided to sample a bunch of the small plates offered, and one of the evenings specials. The small plate selections of the night that graced our hearty table… bacon wrapped medjool dates stuffed with a creamy and spicy gorgonzola cheese, the centro meatballs mixed with pignolis and raisins in a light tomato sauce, zucchini fritters served with a spicy tomato sauce, eggplant caponata accompanied by chickpea fritters with goat cheese, a caprese salad offered with the most melt-in-your-mouth burrata, a pesto sauce and thickly sliced tomatoes! As for the special that was ordered, a light and flaky bronzini perfectly prepared and beautifully seasoned rested on a celery root purée.
There are no other words that I can use to describe the constant delight that is experienced every-time we step foot through their doors! If I can say anything, it is try it out for yourself and tell them the-kitchen-guru sent you!

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A twist on spaghetti and meatballs…

Surprise!! Traditional spaghetti and meatballs was given a ‘guru’ thumbprint… to change out the heavy, carb-laden pasta, I roasted up some gorgeous spaghetti squash, shredded it and plated it with a homemade tomato sauce and meatballs!
The spaghetti squash looks just like that, spaghetti once you shred it! I coated the spaghetti squash with olive oil, salt and crushed red. Tossed into the oven at 375* for an hour [or until fork tender] and that’s it! Let it slightly cool and shred away with two forks…
My meatballs are made with typical ingredients found in your everyday meatball, but I add some super-secret flavors that take mine way over the top into another division of meatballs!
Once I par-cooked my meatballs, I threw them into some homemade tomato sauce I made this afternoon! [I’ve talked about this homemade sauce in a past post]. I let the meatballs completely cook through, by simmering for a half hour in this delicious tomato sauce and once done, onto the plate they went.
The flavors were slightly sweet from the spaghetti squash, a bit spicy from the tomato sauce with light, moist and perfectly seasoned meatballs that rolled around the plate.
Till the next meal…

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Sunday dinner decision!

So after flocking to the market, the decision was made that dinner on Sunday will be a simple, yet classic ‘pasta’ with meatballs. I say ‘pasta’ because I am not a big fan of flimsy spaghetti, but prefer something with a bit more substance and the ability to hold sauce well. Then again ‘pasta’ may just be alluding to secret ingredient that perhaps nobody would have thought of, but can play the perfect role as ‘pasta’… We shall see!! The meatballs will be seasoned just right and allowed to simmer in some delightful tomato sauce. These will be the stars of the dish…
I am definitely not wishing the weekend away, but cannot wait to make some homemade tomato sauce, as well as the best meatballs around! It’s gonna be a feast and my mouth is already watering… I think I need a napkin!!

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