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cinco of my own…

This cinco de mayo was just for UNO… with an under-the-weather other half, two meals were prepared… one for me and one him!
In typical fashion for cinco de mayo, what better to do than whip up something for this festive occasion. The thought of chicken fajitas topped with some homemade guacamole came to mind!
I started sautéing an onion and poblano peppers until slightly softened, but still crisp [which I then set aside]. In this same pan, I pan-fried some marinated chicken that I sliced into strips. Once cooked through, I added back in the onion and peppers, along with some black beans and gave a quick toss!
A healthy heaping of the chicken mixture went into a warmed flour tortilla, as well as some grated monterey jack cheese and guac…
To enjoy this beautiful dinner and bring everything together, a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The lime juice gave a citrusy freshness that paired perfectly with the crisp, slightly spicy poblanos and deliciously seasoned chicken…
So happy I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

at a low simmer…







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everyone needs some r&r…

Everyone needs a bit of respite from the daily grind. The anticipation of not having to be on a schedule comes once in a blue moon, but is always welcomed!
So this past week has been just that… lounging around, dining out and not worrying about anything! That feeling of sleeping late, skipping workouts and usual daily chores sadly will come to a close after tomorrow.
To make certain this glorious vacation closes on a high note, there will be many [cannot emphasize ‘many’ enough] drinks and delicious meals to be had, to mimic exactly how it began!
Till the next upcoming vacation…

at a low simmer…

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