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Now here’s locally grown!!

Today was a great day!! This morning started with a fantastic game of tennis and then the afternoon was spent at the in-laws for a pre-birthday celebration.
Right before leaving, I received a great package of homegrown produce including celery, onions, cucumbers and scallions! This is one amazing garden chock full of a variety of different veggies, and I have been lucky enough to receive different goods on many occasions… Now the master plan begins… What delish recipes will I create with these wonderful home grown produce!

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Yesterday my weekly basket of locally grown produce arrived and to my surprise zucchini blossoms cheerfully topped my bountiful basket. These little beauties have been on my list of things to make so I made it my mission to make them before they lost their bloom! To cook these little guys I made a simple batter which I seasoned with salt. I carefully coated these bad boys and then deep fried then turning just once until they were golden in color. As I removed them I sprinkled them with some extra salt for an added hit of flavor. Even though I new better I dove right in and bit right into this hot little number. The batter was light and crispy and the flower was creamy with a wonderful sweet, almost nutty flavor. This is surely a dish I’ll make again and again! I think I have a new favorite flower!

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finger licking… well you know the rest!

So all good things must come to an [brief] end… vacation has been wonderful and full of adventures! We are now returning to reality as the evening hours set in, but our August vacation is only a few short weeks away.
Tonight I decided on a quick grilled dinner… chicken wings in an Asian marinade, served with grilled corn and a salad with greens plucked literally from the in-laws garden [can’t get more locally grown then that]!
This meal could have fed an army, but tonight just two devoured this feast. It also offered up my three favorite S’s… sticky, sweet and spicy! For the corn, it was simple… onto the grill and once cooked tossed into a bath of grated pecorino romano and some spicy stuff to melt together! The salad was equally simplistic, greens tossed with fresh cut mango.
Just because a vacation is ending, doesn’t mean a dining send off suffers.

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