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like bees to honey…

After seeking high and low for lavender honey [everywhere I went was sold out], I decided the next best thing [and probably better alternative] was to make my own…
A quick trip to the health food store yielded some gorgeous dried lavender pods, in addition to some golden local honey.
Once home, I wrapped up about four tablespoons of the lavender pods in cheesecloth and placed the packet into two cups of honey that I set over a double boiler. Stirring frequently for about an hour, the outcome yielded an infused amber honey of pure lusciousness. After the honey cooled, it was time to jar up again.
The first recipe this scented wonder will be a part of is a lavender honey and almond bread. I cannot wait to sit back and enjoy a slice of this bread with a warm cup of tea…

at a low simmer…






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spring warmup!

So after realizing we are in for a pretty warm couple of days [especially tomorrow], I decided that grilling was the perfect way to truly welcome in Spring!
A trip to the local butcher this morning, yielded some beautiful, thickly cut steaks. I can almost smell the fragrant, smokey goodness that the grill offers once the meat hits those searing hot grates! My mouth is already watering in anticipation… dinner can’t come soon enough!!

at a low simmer…

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enjoying the fruits of summer…

Creamy, juicy, salty, sweet… those were some of the flavors experienced with tonight’s dinner! Rotund tomatoes sliced thickly were separated by chunks of luxurious, buttery fresh mozzarella which lined there way down a crisp white platter. For some added freshness and flavor, basil cut from my planters and Italian prosciutto purchased at my favorite local purveyor!
Everything was drizzled with a super sexy and delicious finishing oil.
I just love simple ingredients that can pack an exciting punch.

at a low simmer…




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Shares, not just for the stock market anymore…

So for this upcoming summer season, it’s always a difficult decision as to what I will be planting in my garden. This year an interesting idea was brought to my attention regarding a ‘CSA’ or Community Supported Agriculture being offered locally. I thought what a fantastic concept to become a part of and the amazing [and different] bounty that I could be graced with on a weekly basis! Not to mention this is locally grown and supporting sustainable agriculture. The whole idea of the ‘CSA’ is when a farmer grows different produce for people or members who purchase ‘shares’ for that season. The cost is paid at the beginning of a season to primarily assist the farmer. Now you don’t own an actual part of the farm, but a part of what is grown. This basically cuts the idea of going to a market to pick up produce [unless of course you want a specific item not in your basket]. The produce starts being delivered in the beginning of June and runs through October. The selections are, of course, dependent on weather conditions. Also a chance is taken if there is some type of natural disaster that causes a lack of production during the growing season because there is no refund. Some of the wonderful varieties offered are arugula, tomatoes [heirloom which are my favorite], swiss chard, brussel sprouts, summer squash and a slew of others! I will be contacting the farm this morning and writing out a check as soon as requested. Looking forward to sharing pictures of what comes my way in just a few months, as well as the dishes I will prepare…

at a low simmer…

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