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cinco of my own…

This cinco de mayo was just for UNO… with an under-the-weather other half, two meals were prepared… one for me and one him!
In typical fashion for cinco de mayo, what better to do than whip up something for this festive occasion. The thought of chicken fajitas topped with some homemade guacamole came to mind!
I started sautéing an onion and poblano peppers until slightly softened, but still crisp [which I then set aside]. In this same pan, I pan-fried some marinated chicken that I sliced into strips. Once cooked through, I added back in the onion and peppers, along with some black beans and gave a quick toss!
A healthy heaping of the chicken mixture went into a warmed flour tortilla, as well as some grated monterey jack cheese and guac…
To enjoy this beautiful dinner and bring everything together, a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The lime juice gave a citrusy freshness that paired perfectly with the crisp, slightly spicy poblanos and deliciously seasoned chicken…
So happy I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

at a low simmer…







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a day for celebration…

Today couldn’t have been a better day… not only is it Friday and the start to a wonderful weekend, but it also happens to be ‘National Margarita Day’ [I feel like it was just recently National Margarita Day, but who cares since I sure don’t need a special day to enjoy a few!]…
So in honor of this spectacular day, what better to do than celebrate by downing a few homemade margs! That everyone, is exactly what we will all be doing tonight!
First we will start off with a traditional with fresh squeezed lime juice, another chock full of fresh raspberry that I’ll purée and then lastly one with pomegranate/blueberry.
After a quick dash to the market this morning, I picked up all the needed ingredients for our Friday night fiesta.
Good tequila is what makes a great marg, but some blue corn chips and homemade sweet/spicy pineapple salsa make you go back for more!

at a low simmer…

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I’ve been called sweet, but this afternoon a bit of my sour side came shining through. I had a craving for a smooth lime custard so I decided to grab a few beautiful limes and make it happen.
Lime juice, some zest, eggs, butter, a pinch of salt and some sugar were combined in the mixer. Once mixed, it was onto the stove to cook and thicken… After thickening nicely, it was off to chill and set up… This will eventually turn into a luxurious and silky pie at some point this weekend! I’m looking forward to that tangy and sweet filling, complimented by a fluffy cloud-like topping and crunchy base, but for now it is going to be delightful on some toasted bread with some tea.

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a way to spice up dad’s special day!!

What do serrano chilis, fresh cilantro, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Añejo tequila and sugar equal… a spicy herby margarita!!
After a quick muddle of the cilantro and serrano, you add some ice, the lime juice, tequila and simple syrup [homemade or store bought] and shake shake shake until everything is ice cold and well mixed!
Poured into a nice glass rimmed with some sugar and dressed with a sliver of the serrano chili, and it was bottoms-up! The serrano chili offers just the perfect amount of heat, while the cilantro brings a fresh essence against the traditional margarita flavors.
Try this instead of a bloody mary the next time you’re out for brunch…

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catch of the day!

Normally you don’t catch me cooking fish… once in a very blue moon usually, but I have been trying to incorporate this into menu planning and our diets!
So thanks to a very talented fisherman, I was offered a fresh caught trout. What better way to try fish, than one that was caught and immediately brought to my house. This task was not for the faint of heart however, cleaning the fish was not the most appealing thing I have ever done in my culinary career… The fish was staring me right in the face the entire time!!
Anyhow, after a thorough cleaning and filleting, the trout was ready to become a sexy dish… I decided to pan fry the trout and do a meunière-style preparation. For the sauce, rather than using lemon, I twisted things up and replaced lemon juice with lime juice, added some capers and white wine! added a bit of cayenne pepper to the flour for a kick of heat!
I dusted my trout filet in flour that I spiced up with some cayenne for a little punch of heat. Before cooking, I spanked off the excess flour and immediately placed it into my screaming hot oiled pan. A few minutes on each side and then it was time to prep the sauce… butter, some briny capers, fresh thyme, the lime juice, a touch of white wine and that was it!
For a touch of freshness and color, a bit of lime zest was gently caressed across the trout, and the lime butter caper sauce draped over…
The flavor… AMAZING! I know we will be having trout again really soon!

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