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a perfect reason for a glass of vino…

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than outside amongst the sun and birds relaxing by our pool with a crisp, refreshing glass of wine…
Plump, gorgeous red seedless grapes are the perfect seductive accompaniment to the zip of the light and fruity wine…
As I sit, I’m left to ponder what delightful dish should come out of the kitchen this evening… it almost feels like it should be something hearty and homey… perhaps some gorgeous, thick filet mignon accessorized with fresh greens or a puddle of yukon gold mash? Hmmm or perhaps both…
To be able to pass the hours along with not a care in the world is just what everyone should be able to do on a weekend!

at a low simmer…

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uovo con salsa…

Tonight was a nod to some old school home cooking from a Sicilian mothers kitchen! Homemade sauce [with my own perfected secret and special twist to it], fresh farm eggs cracked gently into the sauce, a generous sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan and fresh thyme… into the oven for eight to ten minutes and voila!
The eggs still slightly runny offered a creaminess, while the sauce created a wonderful counter balance. To sop up the delicious goodness… a beautiful loaf of Italian bread gently warmed and sliced thickly!
Comforting and homey… that says it all.

at a low simmer…









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