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simple saturday supper…

So with Saturday night upon us, the question always arises… ‘What’s for dinner’. After a pretty exhausting day, and little desire to get dressed up to go out, I decided dinner would be home cooked!
A rich pasta ‘bake’ from one of my fave home cooks, Nigella Lawson… after looking through her newest cookbook, the whole wheat pasta with brussels sprouts, cheese and potato really stood out. I have made a dish like this in the past with some slightly different ingredients, but decided to give it a go…
The process is as simple, as simple can be… in one pot of boiling, super salty water the pasta, brussels sprouts and potato are cooked together. A slight amount of the pasta liquid is reserved before draining.
While the pasta is cooking, I cubed up some gruyere cheese and measured out some fresh ricotta. This lovely, creamy mixture was tossed with the drained pasta, brussels sprouts and potatoes.
After everything was coated, it was into a baking dish, drizzled with some oil, sage and a heavy hand of grated pecorino. Baked for roughly thirty minutes, then a slight resting period and it was time to eat!
The flavors all complimented one another and made me question… how could this possibly serve anymore than two??

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A nod to pre-spring grilling…

So with one of the last ‘warm’ days this week before that ‘cold front’ moves in [really a cold front??] I decided I wanted to make some tasty turkey burgers on the grill. To accompany the turkey burgers, a side of oven baked homemade steak fries tossed with truffle oil and fresh grated pecorino romano. As a dipping sauce for my fries, a smokey easy to prepare chipotle aioli.
For my turkey burgers, I add half of an onion, garlic and some super secret elements that make them extra special. Once cooked through, I top them off with sautéed onion and mushrooms and gruyere cheese that becomes melty and delicious! The turkey burgers were moist and exploding with flavor. Nutty from the gruyere, earthy from the sautéed mushrooms, with a sweet balance from the sautéed onions.
All I can say is mmmm mmmm good!

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Sandwich night!!

I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my little guy home alone not feeling well while we went out for a fab dinner… So I did what comes naturally, made a fab dinner at home! After going through one of the weekly mags we have delivered, as well as having one a few weeks ago at lunch the choice was simple, a classic reuben sandwich [with my own slight twist of course].
A hearty, buttery bread filled generously with briny corned beef, nutty gruyere cheese, creamy thousand island dressing and tangy sauerkraut.
I am a sucker for a crunchy sandwich, not a wimpy soft bread that lacks body. A tiny brush of some melted butter on the bread and into the oven till the bread is browned and crisp, the gruyere gooey and oozing, the corned beef heated through… Delightful!
And the best part about the whole meal you ask? Spending time with our little ones!

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