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S[mash]ing good!!

So tonight, in order to be certain not an ounce of Thanksgiving deliciousness went to waste, I literally tossed everything that I had left together and whipped up my idea of an open-faced twice baked Thanksgiving potato!
The last of the leftover succulent turkey breast and remaining mash got a stir with some rendered bacon, scallions and a hefty helping of shredded cheddar…
This light and airy concoction was cooked off till the top was browned, the edges crisp and golden and the cheese melted and gooey…
Fluffy, cheesy and full of goodness… all that was missing was… well nothing actually!
It’s not the typical meal I would throw together, but it was better to make use of what I had, rather than throwing it out…

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hot potato!

After another day of playing catch-up, I decided to make potatoes, stuffed chock-full of goodness as a dinner…
It all started with baking off four gorgeous potatoes… which once were cooked, had their flaky, fleshy interior scooped out and tossed with shredded cheddar, chopped chives and salt. Instead of using milk, I added creme fraiche to help smooth the filling all out!
After incorporating everything I refilled the empty little potato skin vessels, topped with more shredded cheddar and it was back into the oven until browned and bubbly…
Before plating, an additional sprinkle of chives for color and flavor and it was time to dive in! Creamy, slightly salty, gooey and just plain delightful… this was just what we needed to satisfy our bellies!

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now that’s a ‘good egg’…

Tonight I decided what better thing to make for dinner, than breakfast. I started out by cracking a few eggs, adding some fresh thyme, salt, pepper and a dash of heavy cream. Everything got whipped together and poured into a nonstick pan with just a touch of olive oil cooking spray. I then slowly cooked the soon-to-be omelet on medium-low heat until puffed and browned, flipped it over to the other side and let that cook for a few more moments until just done. Before removing from the pan, I added some provolone cheese, folded the omelet in half and let the cheese melt. Once melted, I slowly slid the fluffy omelet onto my plate, added some homemade hash-browns and we were in business!
What a filling and satisfying dinner! Melty, gooey cheese and a fresh herbiness in the light-as-air omelet, paired beautifully with the crunchy potatoes what more could you ask for… maybe the same thing tomorrow morning??

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taylor ham… is it really just a jersey’ thing??

Had a great morning of tennis and really worked up an appetite! The Sunday routine is tennis and then off to the bagel shop for breakfast. I again get my favorite, taylor ham and cheese on a plain bagel, as well as a medium coffee… the greasy, salty taylor ham and melty, gooey cheese totally closes my hunger gap, while satiating my craving for deliciousness! Sad to say, but I could have honestly inhaled two of these bad boys without even blinking… mmmmm next Sunday will be here before I know it!

at a low simmer…

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S’more please…

Tonight I felt like a sweet treat after dinner. Not something I normally delve into, but then again it is a holiday weekend right??
So I thought a classic campfire favorite would be the perfect way to satiate that craving! Behold… the first s’more of the season! This go-round though, rather than standing over an open fire I whipped out my trusty kitchen blowtorch [I know I say that like it’s a kitchen aid mixer] and created a soft, warm and gooey treat! Next time will be my ‘adult’ s’mores that are always a crowd pleaser!

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