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my twist on a classic…

With a soaking rain wreaking havoc on the day, I decided that it was the perfect excuse to bake up an amazing cheesecake!
I had been experiencing a severe craving for the creamy and luxurious dessert, and thought it would help lift my spirits to whip one up.
This cheesecake was different from your typical variety, as I used both cream cheese, along with goat cheese for an added tang and fuller depth of flavor.
The basic elements still went into the baking process, however I added gorgeous vanilla bean seeds in for a beautiful speckle and flavor, as well as a special homemade vanilla sugar.
The silky mixture was poured gently into a homemade graham cracker crust that I molded into my springform pan… It was then into the oven for roughly an hour until perfect.
Once cooked, it was time to set up and then take a doze in the fridge to really come together… As soon as the cheesecake was ready to be sliced, there was no stopping the diminishing that became evident!
The crisp and buttery crust hugged the velvety smooth mixture and just added to the sinful act that was occurring… I’m fine with committing that sin, and there will be no confession from me!

at a low simmer…
















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napoleon, not just for dessert anymore!

When you think of a napoleon what comes to mind… dessert usually right? Well tonight I made a twist on a classic dessert and turned it into a savory dinner, an eggplant napoleon!
Easy to assemble, but packed with bursts of flavor. A few layers of fried eggplant were smeared with thin amounts of a goat cheese spread and topped with roasted red peppers. The eggplant offered a crunchy and salty bite, while the goat cheese spread provided a wonderful tanginess and the red pepper a slight sweetness! Bite after bite, I wanted more and more of this beautifully assembled napoleon… even though frying eggplant can be tedious, this will definitely make a wonderful addition as an appetizer to a party menu, as well as a filling and sexy dish for two…

at a low simmer…





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