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another meat and potatoes meal…

Tonight for dinner I made pan-seared filet mignon with a side of roasted fingerling potatoes.
The filet mignon was simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Each piece was placed into a searing hot pan coated with some olive oil. Roughly three minutes on each side and then it was into the oven for eight more minutes. Once out of the oven the filet mignon rested to gather all the delicious juices.
To go along with the filet mignon, roasted fingerling potatoes. Just a quick toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, then it was into the oven until browned and crunchy!
The juicy, meaty filet mignon oozed sensuous flavors, while the fingerling potatoes eagerly soaked up every last drizzle of meaty nectar that tried to make a run for it across the plate!
There are not enough descriptive words to explain how this dish hit the spot, but I think you get the idea…

at a low simmer…









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finger[licking]… err ‘ling’ good

So tonight, to compliment grilled chicken breasts, I prepared roasted fingerling potatoes in a garlic and rosemary infused olive oil. The olive oil is super simple to create and extremely versatile. It can be used for dipping a hearty loaf of bread, a lovely finishing oil for roasted veggies and even tossed through a salad instead of using a heavy dressing!
I used an entire head of garlic, a few stems of fresh rosemary, a substantial dose of crushed red pepper and of course for everything to swim in… a good olive oil.
This time I minced the garlic and rosemary, added the remaining ingredients then onto the stovetop on a super low flame for everything to draw the flavors out… It simmered for almost an hour to ensure every flavor is pronounced and permeates the house!
Once the oil was ready, I tossed the roasted fingerlings, which I cut up, into a good pour of the oil, stirred them about and seasoned with salt.
The flavors were so amazing and it’s unbelievable how simple it is to make…

at a low simmer…






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