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love in every bite…

With Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday this year, it was perfect to do something a bit different from years past… This meant making the entire experience a dual effort!
The day started by preparing our chocolatey dessert. Chocolate bowls were made, a chocolate sponge cake baked off, black cherries steeped in a sugary sauce and a creamy whipped topping all ready to be consumed later in the evening by the fireplace!
Our dinner was simple yet delicious; filet of beef wellingtons! It began by seasoning and searing the filets. Then red onions were sautéed in some luxurious European butter and cognac. This was then puréed into a slightly chunky ‘paste’. Each filet was then given a spread of dijon mustard, a nice dollop of the red onion paste, placed onto puff pastry and then covered over with a top layer of pastry. A brush of egg wash, tiny slit in the top and it was off to the oven for twenty-five minutes… When the wellingtons finally emerged, they were golden, puffy and full of lush flavors!
The day, as well as cooking/baking went off without a hitch… a day of romance, wonderful eats, champagne, snow and a fireplace! What more could we have wished for?













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home cooked for hump day…

With hump day upon us, what better way to lift our spirits than with a super delicious, home cooked meal!
After a trip to my favorite specialty food market and a chat with the fish monger… turned out that he had just received a shipment of some gorgeous monkfish… so that is just what I planned my meal around.
Once home, I wrapped my succulent fish in a pancetta hug and let it chill out in the fridge until it was time to cook! No salt, no pepper… just the pancetta was needed to infuse this filet with all the flavor it needed.
To cook, a searing hot cast iron pan was lightly coated with olive oil and the fish gently placed into it and cooked for three minutes. A quick turn and then it was into the oven for ten minutes on 425… out came a perfectly cooked monkfish with crispy pancetta.
As a side to this meal, some beautifully roasted sweet potato to play against the saltiness of the pancetta.
Light and flaky, full of wondrous flavors… I definitely recommend getting your hands on monkfish [or other firm white fish] and giving this dish a whirl!

at a low simmer…





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I’m as stuffed as those ‘chops’!

After having a stuffed veal chop this past weekend, I craved another! I stopped at the butcher and he had beautiful meats lining the cases…. so I thought what would be the best piece of meat to stuff other than a veal chop? They didn’t have bone-in pork chops in the case, but I asked the butcher and he gladly prepared two ‘chops’ for me cut an inch and a half thick. The special thing though was rather than a regular boring old ‘chop’, he cut it for me in the style of a porterhouse steak! With that cut, I was given the same idea as a steak, but from a swine… a sirloin and a filet!!
So to stuff my pork ‘chop’ I made a combo of spinach, rendered pancetta and shredded fontina cheese. This enticing stuffing was generously shoved into the pocket of the ‘chop’, then breaded and baked off. After thirty-five minutes, out came a succulent stuffed ‘chop’ yearning to be layered on my plate next to some light-as-air mashed yukon golds. To make my mash fluffy and light, I pass everything through a food mill [one of the best kitchen items I ever purchased years ago].
To drape over my ‘chop’, I threw together a sauce made up of mascarpone, dijon, onion and some good marsala wine. Delightful!
Time to enjoy one more glass of wine now.

at a low simmer…


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