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quite the cookie!

After a grueling day of shopping for Christmas presents and finishing decorating around the house, it was finally time to sit down, turn on the television and relax. Before doing that, I decided to make us some classic espresso coffees served with some beautiful, homemade Italian biscotti!
The biscotti were crunchy, nutty and a bit tart. Simply made, all that it took to make were pistachios, dried cranberries [or honestly any dried fruit you like], some lemon or orange zest, flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, butter, salt and eggs.
The most difficult part of baking these tasty little lovelies, wasn’t the cooling process, but the fact that these cookies were twice baked so it felt like the waiting game was just that…

at a low simmer…

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tonight we went for seconds…

For a lighter weeknight meal, I decided on some grilled chicken breast on bed of crunchy romaine with dried cranberries and shredded cheddar.
The chicken was moist and full of flavor, while the romaine cold and crisp! The dried cranberries were both sweet and tart, the cheddar offered a slight bite.
This is definitely a meal where seconds are allowed, and perhaps even encouraged!

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whoops forgot the cornbread…

So tonight was a Southern themed meal! On the menu… baby back ribs with a side of homemade slaw.
The ribs were glazed in a smokey bourbon sauce. Slow cooked on the grill [wrapped gently in foil and turning once] till cooked through and tender. These meaty little guys were fall of the bone good!
The side was full of vibrancy and zip! Shredded savoy cabbage amd carrots, mayo, champagne vinegar, salt, crushed red pepper and for a special something… dried cranberries. Creamy, tangy and full of flavor!
This dish may make an appearance again quite soon for a weekend meal…

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mid-week eats…

Today was a mediocre day in regards to the weather… so I opted to cook indoors. On the menu, a hearty salad and chicken francaise with artichokes! The salad was made up of bitter greens, butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce. In addition, some applewood smoked bacon, toasted slivered almonds, black olives, dried cranberries and gorgonzola made their appearance to complete this masterpiece.
As for the chicken francaise, thinly pounded chicken gets lightly floured, dipped in egg and then pan fried. The sauce a lemony fresh butter sauce made in the same pan. So GOOD!!
Tomorrow the area will be flirting with some 80* temps, so might have to pick up some big pieces of meat to grill… we shall see!!

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