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far east… far out taste!!

What a better way to spend our Saturday evening, but with great friends and Asian fusion cuisine!
The restaurant was upbeat and stylish, the waitstaff friendly and very knowledgable about all the dishes on the menu.
To start things off, we all shared a number of different appetizer dishes. Cold sesame noodle salad, tempura crab cakes, fire cracker shrimp, beef satay, steamed dumplings and lastly a chicken lettuce wrap. WOW talk about options and amazing flavors.
For dinner I treated myself to my all time favorite dish, sesame chicken, but with my usual extra spicy kick! It arrived hot and crispy with just enough sweetness to offset the heat. Served with the best brown rice dish I have tasted in a long time. Not your ordinary brown rice… It’s nuttier and more rustic, a perfect paring against my dinner. Glad I took home some leftovers… now I can dream the night away knowing that my leftovers are waiting patiently till tomorrow at noon. Yum!

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lunchin’ it up

This afternoon was perfect for lunching it and getting some much needed shopping done!
A bottle of white wine, some fantastic starter tapas and great Cuban grub and we were in business…
To start bacon wrapped dates, mini cuban sandwiches, as well as sweet plantain fritters. Each were individually delightful and enough for two people to share, or one VERY hungry individual…
As for mains, ropa vieja [this time served as a shredded chicken dish with fluffy white rice, super sweet plantains and a side of black beans. Also a cuban sandwich [couldn’t get enough of the minis] served abundantly with crispy plantain chips!
After all that delicious food, drink and chatting, I don’t know how we made it to shopping, but we did…

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Yesterday my weekly basket of locally grown produce arrived and to my surprise zucchini blossoms cheerfully topped my bountiful basket. These little beauties have been on my list of things to make so I made it my mission to make them before they lost their bloom! To cook these little guys I made a simple batter which I seasoned with salt. I carefully coated these bad boys and then deep fried then turning just once until they were golden in color. As I removed them I sprinkled them with some extra salt for an added hit of flavor. Even though I new better I dove right in and bit right into this hot little number. The batter was light and crispy and the flower was creamy with a wonderful sweet, almost nutty flavor. This is surely a dish I’ll make again and again! I think I have a new favorite flower!

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al fresco dining under the NY[City] stars…

Tonight started off with a much needed happy hour in the infamous Meatpacking District. After a few drinks with a dear friend, it was time to move on to dinner reservations at Crispo. Upon arrival, we were whisked away to a tucked away outdoor area to enjoy an amazing dining experience! Choices were not easy to make thanks to a scrumptious menu, but the waitress would not have that!
To start the dinner off, I ordered us three different appetizers. First were mozzarella risotto balls, fried to a golden hue and served with classic marinara sauce. The first bite was a crunchy surprise that revealed a silky, creamy interior. Our second was a childhood favorite, eggplant caponata. A wonderful mixture of eggplant, green olives, capers, pine nuts and other lovely flavors married in to a medley of deliciousness. Our third appetizer was an amazing crispy pork belly served with figs and bitter greens… Need I say more! For my main course I ordered bucatini alla amatriciana.
This dish was classic Italian… a fresh spicy tomato sauce mixed with guanciale (cured pig jowl), chilies covered with a flurry of pecorino cheese! Smokey, slightly sweet and just an all around hearty dish with rich flavors!
After eating this masterpiece, there was no room left for dessert… perhaps something sweet will make its way into my belly tomorrow night!

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