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Chewy [spicy] treats…

So with a snowy, wintry day upon us it was yet another perfect day to do some baking!
On today’s baking sheet… soft ginger cookies with pieces of crystallized ginger baked in. A simple cookie mixture that created a beautiful cracked, vintage looking edible.
This whole batch began by sifting flour, baking soda, salt, ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, canola oil, molasses, dark brown sugar and one extra large egg were mixed together. Once combined, the flour was added into the wet ingredients. After folding in the crystallized ginger, scoops of the dough were rolled out in turbinado sugar, lightly flattened and baked until cracked and gorgeous.
Chewy, spicy and a perfect pairing with a cup of tea… the best way to endure a cold winters day!

at a low simmer…














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here’s to satisfying that sweet tooth!

As a special after-dinner treat, I thought why waste those calories on a piece of cake or a crumbly cookie… instead why not just delve into the seductive and lethal world of a martini!
This isn’t just an ordinary martini though, rather a rich and silky concoction that with each sip offered the ability to breakdown those barriers and be a little naughty…
Godiva chocolate liqueur, hazlenut liqueur, creme de cacao and vodka all go into a shaker with just a bit of ice. Really go at it and whip that drink up in there, and what pours out… a frothy, velvety smooth little devil! To top off, some simple shavings of dark chocolate…
Sipped slowly, but enjoyed fully this sexy little libation should come with a warning label…

***instead of the chocolate shavings, you can play around and rim the glass with some chopped hazelnuts and sugar***

at a low simmer…


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