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a day for celebration…

Today couldn’t have been a better day… not only is it Friday and the start to a wonderful weekend, but it also happens to be ‘National Margarita Day’ [I feel like it was just recently National Margarita Day, but who cares since I sure don’t need a special day to enjoy a few!]…
So in honor of this spectacular day, what better to do than celebrate by downing a few homemade margs! That everyone, is exactly what we will all be doing tonight!
First we will start off with a traditional with fresh squeezed lime juice, another chock full of fresh raspberry that I’ll purée and then lastly one with pomegranate/blueberry.
After a quick dash to the market this morning, I picked up all the needed ingredients for our Friday night fiesta.
Good tequila is what makes a great marg, but some blue corn chips and homemade sweet/spicy pineapple salsa make you go back for more!

at a low simmer…

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super YUM sunday!!

Today was [up until the clouds came rollin’ in] the perfect weather day. That wasn’t going to stop us from enjoying the outdoors though! All we needed was some lemonade [perhaps there was a little sneak of citron in there] and chips with homemade guacamole. Homemade guacamole is one of my favorite summertime snacks to make! I like to use it for more than just chip dipping… it’s amazing as a relish on burgers for one! Today though it was for chips… Ripe haas avocados, garlic, fresh lemon juice, vine-ripened tomatoes, salt, pepper and some super spicy stuff to take this guacamole to a whole different level. Everything was combined, with the tomatoes added last to just mix in gently. Into the fridge for a few hours to set and let the flavors all meld. Once it was time to eat, WOW! Creamy and spicy, cool from the tomato, slightly citrusy and just a bit garlicky!
Hmmmm… burgers anyone!!

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an unforgettable day!

Today was a fun-filled holiday! Celebrated with great friends at a BBQ chock-full of wonderful food and drink. Burgers, hot dogs, chips and dip, along with salad on a skewer [awesome concept right!] Everything was delightfully delectable.
As dessert came upon us, there was a blackout cake, along with patriotic inspired cookies! To wash everything down, apple pie flavored shots and mudslides… YUM!
What an exciting, not to mention delicious day we experienced!

at a low simmer…

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The kinda ‘blue’ I like…

So after a long, but beautiful day spent out galavanting and antiquing the decision of dinner of course reared it’s head our way… Do we go out or sear something up on the grill?? Well the thought of going back out was not on my list of wants, but neither was take-out… An easy decision was burgers that I had prepped and froze earlier using meat I purchased from LaFrieda meats!
Onto the grill and cooked till the perfect doneness, topped with some chunky picante blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon and rested lovingly onto a vibrant and bitter radicchio leaf… ahhhh that hit the spot! To accompany this delightful burger, kettle cooked chips and an ice cold beer… I can taste summer already!

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