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party of one…

Tonight I was stag for dinner, but no need to feel sorry for me… I made sure to sit back and take advantage of some takeout and gave myself the night off!
An obscene amount of Chinese food was appropriately delivered to my front door… in this brown bag of tricks you ask?? Pan fried dumplings, boneless spareribs, spicy Hunan chicken and a quart of house fried rice! No I did not ingest all of this, however I did put an admirable dent. To wash everything down… a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and fruity, offering the perfect balance to the Chinese food.
I have to remember this meal next time I’m on my own for dinner…

at a low simmer…

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from chopsticks… with love

After a weekend full of shopping, baking, entertaining and of course eating… twas time for Sunday night dinner!
Since I was told to take the night off, what better meal to enjoy than some incredible Chinese food paired with a bottle of crisp, Sauvignon Blanc.
The phone rang and rang, the order eventually placed, then before we knew it the doorbell rang and it was time to chow down!
Chopsticks in hand, wine glasses filled… time to go from starving to completely satisfied.
Sweet and spicy, crisp and crunchy… our tastebuds were on an insane mission, but made their way through unscathed..

at a low simmer…

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crisp and delicious!

After another Saturday full of decorating for the upcoming Halloween holiday, the decision of what would end up on our plates, bit more importantly… in our bellies!
One can only deal with Chinese takeout or pizza that much [I mean don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of good Chinese and a fantastic bottle of wine] but tonight I wanted something a bit lighter, full of intense flavor and still satisfying…
A chef salad was the perfect way to go! Crisp and cold lettuce tossed gently with red onions, green olives, hot peppers, plump grape tomatoes and rolled provolone, ham and turkey in an olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing…
Mmmm what a perfect decision that was and some leftover to have alongside tomorrow nights dinner!! I just love double duty dishes…

at a low simmer…

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rollin’ with the flavor… AGAIN!

Tonight’s dinner was a fun favorite that usually is ordered as part of take-out Chinese, but this evenings nosh was served up from scratch.
The all mighty egg-roll, the perfect mix of hearty veggies and chicken encased in a crunchy shell.
The ingredients were simple… red onion, red pepper, celery, garlic and ginger, shredded carrots and savoy cabbage, chunks of seasoned chicken and creamy sliced avocado.
After a quick sauté of the red onion, celery and red pepper, I tossed in the ginger and garlic until incorporated, then cooked the chicken alongside everything! Once cooked, I mixed in soy sauce and sesame oil to taste…
Once this fragrant combo was done, they were sealed up snuggly in egg-roll wrappers… One little bit of advice, don’t over stuff the egg-roll, otherwise you will have cracks and it won’t hold together when frying.
After a quick fry just to get that beautiful golden outside and it was time to eat!

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a cozy day after!!

So following the day after one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended, I haven’t done much other than drag myself around the house… A large pot of sauce was whipped up as a stomach craving called for it! To sop up this gorgeous sauce was a fantastic loaf of semolina [literally the entire loaf]… then it was back onto the sofa to watch some bad movies and debate on what would be ordered for dinner [that’s how I roll after a night of drinking… FOOD FOOD FOOD]!!
So a quick call, about an hour ago, to the best Chinese restaurant in the area was the perfect decision. A bevy of items were ordered… dumplings, fried rice, boneless spareribs, egg rolls, super spicy sesame chicken and chicken with broccoli would put a dent in the hunger, but unfortunately not enough for leftovers at the later crave that always comes about… why do I see a fat pb&j in the future later [and an hour on the treadmill tomorrow morning]??

at a low simmer…

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takeout and a movie…

Tonight was the perfect night for take-out! I tossed around the idea of pizza or Chinese, and guess what Chinese took first place…
Chicken with broccoli, a super spicy sesame chicken, sweet and smokey boneless ribs, as well as a gratis order of dumplings… A fantastic bottle of wine was the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful flavors each dish offered! Now it’s time to uncork another bottle and perhaps watch a movie!
What better way to enjoy a Friday evening…

at a low simmer…

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dining in… on takeout!!

After a battle with mosquitos, I said the hell with cooking! My decision was some delicious Chinese takeout and a fantastic bottle of wine. Once in a while you just have to indulge, plus it’s game night anyway so what better way to enjoy? Boneless spareribs, über-spicy sesame chicken and perfectly seasoned fried rice… The spareribs offered a slight gingery hint, and tangy ending. The sesame chicken displayed citrus notes with incredible pokes of heat. As for the fried rice, well what can I say other than perfect balances of flavors…
The selection of wine… a delightful and delicate Sauvignon Blanc. Fruity, crisp and the perfect accompaniment to round out this meal! Thank goodness that wine fridge is filled… I may be going back for some more!

at a low simmer…

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table for one…

Since I was on my own for dinner I tossed around a few ideas of what I could whip up for one, but then thought to myself why not take the night off. So that is just what I did… relaxed with a great bottle of wine and ordered some Chinese take-out! Delicious and simple sesame chicken with brown rice [prepared extra spicy] paired with a crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc…
Mmmmm I could get used to taking the night off once in a while!

at a low simmer…

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