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sicilian street food!!

To finish off a stellar weekend, we decided to whip up some ‘panelle’. [Panelle happens to be an extremely popular street food served in Sicily.] We haven’t made them in quite some time, but that craving hit pretty hard. These crisp and flavorful beauties do require some serious elbow grease, but the end result is entirely worth it! Using an age-old and very secret family recipe, these fluffy pillows of goodness are made using chickpea flour. Once fried until perfectly golden, they are sandwiched on a roll with some sliced tomato and red onion! The hardest part when making these puffy fritters… not eating the entire tray…

at a low simmer…


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An exotic evening in India!

Recently, I had a hankering for some Indian cuisine, so I decided yesterday that I would make cauliflower and chickpea simmered in a tikka masala sauce. Simple and easy, but a must do-ahead… The chickpeas need to be soaked overnight and then cooked till softened. For this dish, however I only partially cooked the chickpeas since they were getting braised in the tikka masala sauce. As for the cauliflower, I blanched and shocked the veg in super salty water and then pan-fried with some olive oil and garlic before adding the sauce, and the awaiting chickpeas. This dish came together and became almost stew-like in appearance…
As a side, vegetable samosas that were baked, not fried. Full of flavor and a superb compliment to the cauliflower and chickpea tikka masala!

at a low simmer…




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