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‘Q’ is for quiche…

With the continued cold temperatures and brisk wind in the air, I decided tonight I would make one of my all time comfort foods… Quiche.
The beauty when making a quiche is you can’t really get it wrong, just add some of your favorite ingredients and you have yourself one hell of a ‘pie’!
To create my heavenly ‘pie’ I started by rendering pancetta until crispy, once done I sautéed a diced onion, followed by chopped green peppers in the rendered fat with these crispy pancetta critters. Once this three-way came together, I added small chunks of split breast chicken that I roasted earlier…
These darlings then were eased into a pie crust and topped with a blend of shredded monterey jack and extra sharp cheddar cheeses. Then a mix of five extra large eggs, a cup and a half milk, along with salt and crushed red pepper were poured over the cheese and chicken mixture…
This ‘pie’ was now ready for a 375 degree oven. The timer was set for forty-five minutes and it was the waiting game for this amazing ‘pie’ to make its appearance! Once cooked and slightly cooled I sliced a hearty piece and quietly savored every bite.
Deliciously simple and simply delicious is all I can say about this classic comfort food…

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hearty and healthy!!

Sitting out on my patio listening to my wind chimes, I was interrupted by my stomach growling for nourishment.
What should I chow down on this sunny and warm day? Then it came to me… lightly toasted pumpernickel bread with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, sliced cucumbers, long slivers of avocado, and for added crunch and texture… mixed slaw veggies. All these gems are added to the lightly toasted bread with just a schmeer of light doctored-up mayo or any other spread. This combination is hearty and filling… Now lets start up that margaritaville machine!

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Al fresco dining!!

Tonight was the first night of al fresco dining of the season with my honey… after a day of power washing and cleaning, it was a must to take advantage of sitting outside and enjoying the summer-like weather!
On the menu were hamburgers made from ground filet mignon and top round. The burgers were prepped no-frills in order to relish in the meaty goodness… just simple salt and pepper! A total of six minutes on an open grill with searing flames, one slice of cheddar, onion and a salsa made up of a mix of diced veg, olives, corn and black beans on a toasted bun. Dinner was close to served…
For a side, homemade pasta salad and for some salty crunch… kettle cooked chips! A light, warm breeze and dinner was ready to be savored…

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now that’s a tasty burger!

With spring quickly approaching, and mild temperatures gracing our days as of late, I am getting my ‘grill-on’… Whether it’s chicken, fish, steaks or even vegetables there is always a way to elevate what you are preparing!
I decided tonight was perfect for a nice, juicy burger. So how to change it up a bit was my challenge… Once I stepped into the market, I muddled around to try and find small elements to make a regular burger, well, better… First thing I grabbed… a mesclun salad mix, instead of regular butter lettuce to top the burger off, next a nice sharp cheddar to replace plain old american cheese, and my last pick… thinly sliced pancetta which would take the place of sliced bacon and offer a wonderfully extra salty kick!
As a side… a crispy broccoli/cauliflower salad made up of shredded cabbage and carrots, raisins/craisins, as well as sunflower seeds tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing!
What a satisfying and flavorful dish. Looking forward to many more spring and summer meals like this!

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