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dinner on the whim…

So tonight I decided to make something that was both delicious and good for us!
In a pan, I started by browning up some organic chicken sausage that I whipped from the casing… once slightly browned they were put to the side [until they were needed for later] and then with oils from the sausage, a quick speed date of minced garlic and chopped sun dried tomatoes occurred! It quickly turned out that these frisky guys were looking for an extra addition to their evening… so in went some buttery, plump cannellini beans! As soon as everyone got to know each other, a dash of crisp white wine helped loosen everyone up and let their hair down… an addition of a little chicken stock came to the party and everyone simmered away…
While the trio was melding together, some lonely whole wheat penne took a bath in some super salty boiling water, and then got a wink from the threesome to join them for some tossing around! After a quick stir, some parsley joined in and offered up its fresh self and dinner was served…
Creamy, buttery, vibrant and luxuriously flavorful… this was the perfect meal for any night of the week!

at a low simmer…


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Simply delicious!

Tonight was a utilize whatever is in the refrigerator and make a meal night. There was some beautiful broccoli rabe that was screaming for attention, as well as duck sausage that I had picked up at a specialty store in the city last week! So dinner was pan-seared duck sausage tossed with broccoli rabe sautéed in oil and garlic with cannellini beans. Nothing fancy, but oh so delicious and filling! The duck sausage had a slight gaminess that the broccoli rabe cut right through, the cannellini beans created a creaminess that completed this entire meal. Paired with a sultry and crisp sauv blanc, this was a perfect end of the week meal! Wish there were leftovers!

at a low simmer…



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