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spring warmup!

So after realizing we are in for a pretty warm couple of days [especially tomorrow], I decided that grilling was the perfect way to truly welcome in Spring!
A trip to the local butcher this morning, yielded some beautiful, thickly cut steaks. I can almost smell the fragrant, smokey goodness that the grill offers once the meat hits those searing hot grates! My mouth is already watering in anticipation… dinner can’t come soon enough!!

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not your typical bucket of chicken!

Today was an interesting kind of day, so I thought I’d try and reflect that in dinner… so I sort of went out of my comfort zone a touch and did a combination of breakfast and dinner in one!
A while ago I remember going through one of my food mags and seeing a write up on chicken and waffles… sounded a bit awkward to me, but thought maybe someday I’d try. Well that someday was today!
I started by marinating my chicken [I used boneless breasts from the butcher] for about six hours in a concoction of buttermilk, super spicy chili powder [I used a teaspoon, but base on your spice level] and salt [I saved some marinade separate for later].
Once done marinating, I dried off the chicken slightly, dipped them into flour that I seasoned [salt and pepper], back into some the extra buttermilk that I had saved from earlier, and then back into the flour… from there it was a light spanking to remove excess flour and then into the hot pot of oil for roughly ten to twelve minutes until browned and golden.
While the chicken was cooking, my Belgian waffle maker was getting a workout, turning out fluffy, golden pocketed squares of heaven!
To finish this dish, two waffles were the bedding for a chunky, crisp chicken breast… drizzled with maple syrup and some über-firey hot sauce!
Crisp chicken, light and airy waffles, sweet maple syrup and spicy hot sauce brought this dish all together… I definitely recommend giving this dish a shot!
Sweet and savory in one… who would say no?

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an [egg]cellent meal!!

Tonight was another breakfast mood… it’s once in a while that the craving hits, and what better to do than whip out something satisfying. So a five egg omelet, butcher thick-cut bacon and homemade ‘hash browns’ needed to make an appearance at this party…
A super fluffy omelet filled with shredded pepper jack cheese oozing out served alongside ‘hash browns’ made using diced onion and yukon gold potatoes…
This entire dish made me think of an early morning weekend meal, a wonderful brunch or a diner visit… So delicious!!

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It’s a meat market out there!!

Thought I’d share some pictures I snapped when last at my favorite butcher shop!! The place is chock full of wonderful little delicacies and pantry items as well. They offer prepared foods, cold cuts, Italian cheeses [the homemade fresh mozz is our fave! Just milky, creamy and warm], hearty hunks of meats [which they will cut any way you like], chicken and pork products. They will also do special selections if you need, just as anywhere they request a bit of advanced notice.
Hope you enjoy!

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Always dreaming about… dinner

So on this windy and cold Saturday, my mind wanders… I revel in the idea of what exactly I will be ordering this evening. Will I be daring and try a different type of sushi, or perhaps a non-traditional preparation of chicken [but mouthwatering and delicious nonetheless]… Time will only tell!
For now though, I’m debating if tomorrow’s meal will be something hearty [like a braised short rib] or delicate and easy to prepare [a pasta dish that is full of flavor].
Once I see what the butcher has to offer, a decision will be made! If short ribs are meant to be, then cooking will ensue early in the day tomorrow, otherwise there are other Sundays [heck even weeknights] that this meal can make a presence…
Either dish that is made, I have some wonderful wines that can accompany!
Stay tuned…

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