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The kinda ‘blue’ I like…

So after a long, but beautiful day spent out galavanting and antiquing the decision of dinner of course reared it’s head our way… Do we go out or sear something up on the grill?? Well the thought of going back out was not on my list of wants, but neither was take-out… An easy decision was burgers that I had prepped and froze earlier using meat I purchased from LaFrieda meats!
Onto the grill and cooked till the perfect doneness, topped with some chunky picante blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon and rested lovingly onto a vibrant and bitter radicchio leaf… ahhhh that hit the spot! To accompany this delightful burger, kettle cooked chips and an ice cold beer… I can taste summer already!

at a low simmer…





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now that’s a tasty burger!

With spring quickly approaching, and mild temperatures gracing our days as of late, I am getting my ‘grill-on’… Whether it’s chicken, fish, steaks or even vegetables there is always a way to elevate what you are preparing!
I decided tonight was perfect for a nice, juicy burger. So how to change it up a bit was my challenge… Once I stepped into the market, I muddled around to try and find small elements to make a regular burger, well, better… First thing I grabbed… a mesclun salad mix, instead of regular butter lettuce to top the burger off, next a nice sharp cheddar to replace plain old american cheese, and my last pick… thinly sliced pancetta which would take the place of sliced bacon and offer a wonderfully extra salty kick!
As a side… a crispy broccoli/cauliflower salad made up of shredded cabbage and carrots, raisins/craisins, as well as sunflower seeds tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing!
What a satisfying and flavorful dish. Looking forward to many more spring and summer meals like this!

at a low simmer…



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