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Other side of the pond…

Felt like visiting my English roots tonight… what better way to do that then with fish n’ chips! Visited my favorite specialty food store this morning and picked up a gorgeous cod fillet. Came home and portioned it out and then let it hang out in my fridge until just before using. I use a pretty basic batter situation… flour, baking powder, kosher salt, a good ale and a secret bubbly [not seltzer]. Sometimes I add some cayenne for heat, but tonight I just felt like a regular beer battered fish. After a light dredge into some flour, a quick spank and then a dunk into the batter, the fish was eased lovingly into my hot oil for roughly five minutes until the batter was browned and crisp!
As a side there was homemade sweet potatoes [instead of an expected fried ‘chip’] that I sliced thin on the mandolin, tossed with oil, salt and crushed red pepper that I ground up. Baked slowly in the oven till browned and crisp! And it wouldn’t have been fish n’ chips without slaw… so creamy slaw made its way onto the plate as well.
The outcome, a crisp, hot and flaky fish, sweet and salty sweet potato ‘chips’ and a creamy, tangy slaw! Can’t wait for my next culinary adventure on the other side of the pond…

at a low simmer…






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