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you say tomato… I say soup!

So yesterday was the weekly CSA basket pick-up… once I got mine and saw the abundance of tomatoes in it the decision was simple… roasted garlic tomato soup!
First I chopped the tomatoes up and smashed a few garlic cloves… everything then was tossed with olive oil, fresh pepper and some salt. Into the oven for a little over an hour on a low temp helped extract the sweetness of the tomatoes and provide a toasty element, while turning the garlic into something, well magical!
Once roasted, it was into the food processor and pulsed, pulsed, pulsed… then into a cast iron pot, along with some homemade stock to help thin out this story, a thyme bundle and then set to simmer for a bit.
After its bath, it was into a bowl, garnished with some rich finishing oil and a sultry dollop of creme fraiche… ahhh heavenly!!
Even though the temps were warm and the humidity up, there was no better way to enjoy those gorgeous, tasty and colorful gems! Now to wonder what next weeks basket will offer…

at a low simmer…







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green with envy…

Tonight I again dove into my CSA basket to determine what would be a great element to add as a side dish to tonight’s dinner…
To my delight there were some beautiful haricot vert that squealed ‘blanch and shock me, then lube me up with some garlic, crushed red pepper and olive oil’… WOW those skinny little beans are dirty talkers! Lucky for them, I am not shy so I did as requested and boy oh boy we’re these sexy things tasty! It’s truly amazing the difference in flavor when you are getting firsthand, farm fresh produce. These were crisp, sweet, a touch spicy and full of garlicky goodness! I could have finished off an entire bushel of these beauties… why is there never enough of something to eat when you’re enjoying??

at a low simmer…




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Yesterday my weekly basket of locally grown produce arrived and to my surprise zucchini blossoms cheerfully topped my bountiful basket. These little beauties have been on my list of things to make so I made it my mission to make them before they lost their bloom! To cook these little guys I made a simple batter which I seasoned with salt. I carefully coated these bad boys and then deep fried then turning just once until they were golden in color. As I removed them I sprinkled them with some extra salt for an added hit of flavor. Even though I new better I dove right in and bit right into this hot little number. The batter was light and crispy and the flower was creamy with a wonderful sweet, almost nutty flavor. This is surely a dish I’ll make again and again! I think I have a new favorite flower!

at a low simmer…





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