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Summer Sunday supper!!

With Sunday supper on my mind, and finally some sunny [yet über humid] weather upon us I felt the need to marinate some sexy flank steak and then toss onto the grill! To serve up alongside, a beautiful tossed salad with a homemade balsamic dressing and some beautiful grilled asparagus.
The salad was just a mix of crisp romaine, sliced roasted red peppers, a diced shallot and homemade stuffed mozz! As for the asparagus, just a toss in some homemade infused olive oil and salt.
Once grilled and rested, the steak and sides were ready to eat up and enjoy… thrilled that there is a bit of leftovers for some lunch tomorrow!!

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small bites… BIG flavors!

Usually, as you have seen in the past, when I make a pizza it’s on the large side. Tonight I decided to change it up a bit and create three ‘tapas’ style pizzas! One had to be a traditional margherita pie, the other would be oil, garlic, sliced tomato and shredded fontina, and the last… well that would be the amped up [and star] pie dressed with homemade balsamic onions, sautéed bulk sausage and shredded aged manchego!
Each pie offered up distinct flavors, but the balsamic onion pie was like none I have ever experienced… slightly acidic, with syrupy and sweet notes, a touch of gaminess from the manchego and herby from the sausage! Perhaps I should have made regular size pies afterall…

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Variety is the spice of… well in this case dinner!

Tonight was a nod to Spain… Tapas to be exact! It’s a great way to experience a number of small edibles as a ‘main course’ without creating one specific meal. I love doing a tapas dinner and the funny thing is, it usually takes less time [and prep work] than a typical dinner.
The tapas menu tonight consisted of grilled bread brushed with olive oil and rubbed with garlic. To top off this ‘toast’ was a rich and slightly gamey Spanish cured meat with slow roasted plum tomatoes rested gently on top. For the tomatoes, four plum tomatoes were halved and seeded, drizzled with truffle oil, minced garlic, salt and a light splash of syrupy aged balsamic vinegar. Roasted on 250* for almost two hours and the sweetness and caramelized flavors all came out!
The second tapas consisted of rock shrimp cooked in a garlic infused olive oil with crushed red pepper for heat! I used my cazuela to cook, as well as serve these gorgeous little babies… The cazuela also served wonderfully as a vessel for dipping excess bread into the garlicky, oily goodness! To accompany this amazing meal… an incredible albarino to wash everything down.
You don’t need to take a trip to a restaurant or even a foreign land to experience such wonderful delights… just a trip to your local specialty food market and your very own kitchen…

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Love me some leftovers!

So tonight I decided to poke around in my freezer and see what I had made and frozen recently. Jackpot, I remembered the meatballs I had recently made. Meatball parm heroes was the obvious choice [and an easy one at that] with a salad made up of spicy baby arugula, sliced honeycrisp apples and shaved parmigiano.
I toasted some ciabatta rolls, and gently placed the balls’, as well as some of my delectable homemade sauce on top. Into the oven everything went, while a thin slice of fresh mozzarella covering each ball’ began to melt and drape down the sides.
The arugula salad was a breeze! Arugula, thinly sliced apple and shaved parmigiano. Tossed with a fresh creamy balsamic dressing and it was to the table…
The ciabatta was crispy and delicate, but sturdy enough to support the light, flavorful balls’ and the sauce. The fresh mozzarella offered a perfect saltiness. I wish I could go back for more…

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